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  1. butterflygal

    Why people think I can't

    I have to agree. My children ask that kind of questions and they're 6 and 7 years old.
  2. butterflygal

    If the mods are doing a bad job...

    And the undercover cop should have told u the truth from day one? It would have fucked up their case against Steve. If it was your child Steve was trying to solicate, you woul dbe screaming at the cops to get the pervert in jail immediately instead of typing up all those mind twisting...
  3. butterflygal

    CI's for under 1 ???

    I think parents need to ensure their children have a language be it ASL or spoken english. The earlier, the better. Research has shown that if a child learns a language at an earlier age, they will pick up on different language more easily. So if a child is born deaf, then I believe parents...
  4. butterflygal

    To declaw cats or not?

    Don't be upset. I believe this thread did educate some people just like it educated us in the beginning. Everybody's entitled to their own opinions and they will definitely hold onto it if they feel strongly about it. It's their own right. Now I have a question. What happens if...
  5. butterflygal

    To declaw cats or not?

    Declawing is like an amputation of your fingers. This picture shows where the vets would cut. They are cutting a part of the cats bones off along with their claws. It would be like cutting the first joints on your fingers off. How would we be able to function? Sure, we would learn how...
  6. butterflygal

    New Female Moderators - CODAchild & Jolie_77

    Guido was joking.
  7. butterflygal

    The Ear And Hearing

    My ears are really dead. Hear nothing!!
  8. butterflygal

    Beavis Has Been Found!

    What the hell happened to his forehead?!
  9. butterflygal

    Deaf Man was shot to death in Brooklyn, NY

    :tears: I hate reading stuff like that.
  10. butterflygal

    Field Trip

    One of my most memorable field trip was when I was taking grade 12 english with this teacher who was totally into native culture. She would mix native culture and english together so we all would learn two things. It was cool but anyways, she wanted us to feel nature so she took us to this...
  11. butterflygal

    Does your parents approve or disapprove on the things you've done in your life?

    Awesome!! WOuld love to be sober for as long as you!! :D :grouphug:
  12. butterflygal

    The Boss

    Are you guys a couple or what?? If not, you should!! Look so cute flirting all over the place.. Hehe..
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    LOL.. I would love too!! I would tell her where to stick it and maybe I would grab her candy bar and eat it and wave it in her face and tell her see how does it feel????
  14. butterflygal

    Password Problem

    Good!! :D
  15. butterflygal

    Password Problem

    Noooooo!!!!!!!! Do not quit!! The alldeaf community would be at a great loss if you quit!!!
  16. butterflygal


    That's stupid about eating candy bars!! For myself, I had a share of teachers whom I hate and like. One of my favorite teachers back in high school was Suzanne Cloutier. I had lots of personal problems back in high school and I could turn to Suzanne any time, even after school and in the...
  17. butterflygal

    Does your parents approve or disapprove on the things you've done in your life?

    My parents never approved of anything I did. The boyfriends (I cannot blame them as most of them are jerks), my drug taking days that resulted in quite a few overdoses and emergency room visits, etc etc.... Now.. They finally approve of what I am doing. I have been sober for over three...
  18. butterflygal

    Schools, did you really hate or liked school that you've gone to

    First I went to a hearing school until I was ten years old. I hated it there seriously!! I had to wear hearing aids which I DID NOT want to wear. Because they would cause my ears to ring and gave me a headache. I then went to ECD in Milton, ON. It was ok there. From there, I discovered my...
  19. butterflygal

    What are you doing up this late?

    I cannot sleep! :S