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  1. Malfoyish

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a social worker, currently working in Behavioral Health.
  2. Malfoyish

    Few questions from a Sorenson newbie...

    Got it! Thank you both for the speedy responses. Am still getting to know the system and am liking it. :) Malfoyish
  3. Malfoyish

    Few questions from a Sorenson newbie...

    Okay, first off - let me apologize if this is something that has already been addressed in previous postings - if I were to sift through thousands of tech-support threads, I'd be here all night. ;) :giggle: Allright, secondly - I, Malfoyish, have finally come out of the cave, (in addition to...
  4. Malfoyish

    Finally did book is published!

    Just an update on my book! I've made a few revisions. I received a copy the other day and wanted to let make some improvements to the print, the chapters and the layout. The book is the same; there were no changes made to it other than the addition of more pages as the fonts/text is now...
  5. Malfoyish

    What Books Have You Recently Purchased?

    Soooo...anyone read MY book yet??? ;)
  6. Malfoyish

    "After the Silence"

    That's a shame, Cheri...I get aggravated when they don't caption the lifetime movies. Makes me really mad, but what can you do? I would suggest writing to the network, maybe? It probably wouldn't make a difference unless hundreds of people write but at least you are saying your piece. If you...
  7. Malfoyish

    Post a picture of you and your sibling

    Okay, let's see.... That's me and my younger sister. I have two sisters and four sisters in law, so I'll have to return another time. :) Malfoyish
  8. Malfoyish

    How Many of You Have Been Divorced?

    I've been married once - now am happily divorced. :)
  9. Malfoyish

    What would you do if aliens come to earth?

    Ehmmm...who knows....probably run the >bleep< away!
  10. Malfoyish

    The Talking Deafie

    I suppose you can count me in, too, Jiro...I am afraid my signing skills leave MUCH to be desired as I never learned how to sign as I was growing up. My mother forbade me to have anything to do with ASL so yep, I'm an oral deafie. ;) Malfoyish
  11. Malfoyish

    2 parents with newly diagnosed deaf baby

    Hello Julian and Kerri! Welcome to All Deaf! I think the first thing to do here is to gain a better understanding of your son's capabilities. Have his hearing tested on a regular basis...your son's audiologist may be able to best advise you as to what route to take as far as language is...
  12. Malfoyish

    I'm deaf and it's okay because.....

    I'm deaf and it's okay because being deaf does not define me. ;)
  13. Malfoyish

    The Away Message Game...

    LOL - there ya go!!!!! Rockdrummer's Away Message - Banging on drums, leave me a tune and I'll bang you next. ;)
  14. Malfoyish

    Pics of you - Part IV

    Mrs. Bucket - long time, no see, especially if you are who I think you are. ;) How are ya, doll?? Yes, am very, VERY happy now - it certainly shows! Yep, little wee Malfoys are a walking replica of me -thank goodness they're better lookin' than their Mama...especially my spitfire, Heather...
  15. Malfoyish

    The Away Message Game...

    TRUE - and as I've been gone for a while, I see now that there are lots of newbies for me to pick on...LOL!
  16. Malfoyish

    Twins born..a decade apart!!

    That's pretty cool! ;) I would imagine it is nice for those twins to have different birthdays - as they're twins, they'll be sharing plenty of other things in life to include looks if they are identical. If they lived in NY, they'd probably not be in the same grade when they go to school as...
  17. Malfoyish

    Pics of you - Part IV

    And one of the Mini-Malfoys... Both of them just as Malfoyish as their Mama. ;)
  18. Malfoyish

    Pics of you - Part IV

    Allright, here's me! Me and my GF at Rockefeller Center - I'm the one on the right. ;)
  19. Malfoyish

    The Away Message Game...

    Bumping this up, too funny not to!
  20. Malfoyish

    Finally did book is published!

    Muahahahaha...I see some things have not changed, eh??? Sorry, BBNT...your check bounced. ;) Malfoyish