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    motorcycle sub forum?

    Did someone say: 'motorcycle'??? :cool: :scatter: ~RR
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    I change my name again.

    :lol: You're not helping! :lol: (just kiddin' I like my MD chilled :D) ~RR
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    I change my name again.

    Gee...isn't that a 'typo' error with the new name change...outta be something like: 'Mountain Dew Lover'..... :lol: Ohhh...I just had to say that, heh, but really, good and nice change though. Maybe, just maybe in a few years, you'll tire of Pepsi and switch to MD. :D...
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    Your Vote Counts...

    Some will encourage you to go for it, while others might say otherwise, but, it's your own heart that can tell you what you're capable of doing, therefore, listen and follow your heart. Best wishes on whatever you do-- ;) ~RR
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    I Have Some Good News (For Some Anyways)

    From time to time, anyone of us can or will make mistakes along the way, as in this case, as painful as it may have been to go through with, the important thing is the fact that he admitted and grown from it. That's to be commendable! Glad you'll be sticking around...stay cool and continue...
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    whooo 300 posts!

    Finally. The 'man' accumulated 1,000 beers....errr, opps!! :giggle: As far as reaching this 'milestone', this one is one where a simple gesture of acknowlegding a member of acheiving this milestone. Therefore, bearing that in mind, congrats and continue to enjoy your stay here in AD...
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    Some poems of mine...

    Good poems, nice reading too! Continue with your writing, you obviously have a knack for it! :thumb: (loves writing poetry too-- ;) ) ~RR
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    The 3 New Mods

    Congratulations to Chase, ~SG~ and Jolie_77 and welcome to the Moderator's team. :thumb: :applause: :applause: :applause: ~RR
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    He arose!

    Thank you! Also wishes everyone else a blessed Easter as well. (note: this thread isn't a place to make inappropriate jokes--if one wants to make a joke, etc., create another thread and put it in the appropriate section-- :ty:) ~RR
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    Picture of Your Significant Other

    Greatttt pixes everyone!! Indeed, such 'happy' photos too-- :) Thanks for sharing with AD'ers--let's continue with this 'nice' thread. :cool: ~RR
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    Super Nanny has picked a deaf couple

    :bump: Thread merged-- ;) ~RR
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    my mom died

    Ohhh...that's sooo terrible, I'm really so sorry to know this. Indeed, you and immediate family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please do hang in there--ok? If you ever find the need to speak with anyone here, do so. ~RR
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    Alldeaf Caucus Tshirts Voting Poll

    Perhaps so...but does it outweigh the facts of having something really 'special' or 'meaningful' for years to come? That's an option I'm presenting here for others to consider as well. ;) ~RR
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    I got a nice suprise at work today

    That's great that you got a very nice bonus! :thumb: ~RR
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    Where Would You Rather Visit?

    Hmmm....more trick questions! :lol: :scatter: ~RR
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    Death... Finding or Announcing?

    Actually, what would be construed to be 'worse' is the fact with 'finding a dead body'. However, to 'tell' someone, just as 'Bob's wife', that would be construed as 'hard and difficult' to do. ~RR
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    Alldeaf Caucus Tshirts Voting Poll

    Voting 'other'...other color, whatever the color is decided upon, no pics, but with our own username printed on the front--logo of AD...perhaps fingerspelling signing picture of either 'AD' or 'Alldeaf'. Why worry about how much it'll be...a few cents or dollars more for something that can be...
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    How about this... Big Brother reality show with only deafies in the same house?

    If that would happen, hearies would then be forced to watch 'captions' or 'listen to an oral interpreter' as well as having an interest with learning, understanding, etc., our world/culture. :D ~RR
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    My Artworks

    You have talent there, keep up with that! :thumb: Also, thanks for sharing with AD'ers as well. ;) ~RR
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    We've got 3 more moderators coming here...

    Pssttt...he already mentioned that one already did, but won't say who yet. :cool: ( on the 'cool' emoticon-- ;) ) ~RR