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    Looking to learn, understand and meet people!

    Here click this and tell me if it works:
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    Looking to learn, understand and meet people!

    I figured how to message people haha thanks to the FAQ. I tried messaging you but I guess you have it off, to turn it on you do this: 1. Go to User CP which is located at the top left of this page. 2. Go to Edit Option and in there you should find "Messaging & Notification" check "Enable...
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    Looking to learn, understand and meet people!

    It's a pleasure to meet you Tyler :) My name is Justin, I'm gay and I'm 24 years old. oh and I'm hard of hearing meaning I'm deaf in one ear and use a hearing aid in the other. I'd be happy to meet your acquaintance Tyler haha. It's always cool to hear hearing people who are intrigued in...
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    Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

    Great game I must say, a huge improvement from the last one which got awfully bored quickly but this one amazing. I've never played the previous POP games but I might just give them a try and oh I'm playing the PC version.
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    Anyone into K-Pop (Korean Pop)?

    So yeah anyone into K-Pop or J-Pop. I also listen to some J-Rock xD but I have a lot of K-Pop songs on my Zune lol I've been a fan of the K-Pop secne since last year and love it SOOOO much. Are you into K-Pop?
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    I wonder if there are any K-Pop fans here lol. I like this song I always re-re-re-re-replay this lmfao!! Artist: 4minute Genre: K-Pop Album: Hit Your Heart I My ttokgateun got da gateun geon ije sirheojyeosseo naneun nae meotdaero nae...
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    Other Worlds and Aliens

    I do beleive there are other lifeforms out there. I want to live to see that day when we all can travel to other planets, live there and live in space. It's so exciting yet scary. I've always wondered what will lifeforms look like, I'm assuming very odd looking and different. There is...
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    Final Fantasy

    YESS! HUGE FAN RIGHT HERE!! Been a fan since I was 9 back in 1997 haha when Final Fantasy 7 was released. It was my first Final Fantasy RPG and I still love it to this day. I played Final Fantasy VII-XII. Expect FF11 since they put it online which was stupid. My favorite FF in order: Final...
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    LGT Movie u saw....

    Eating Out & Eating Out 2. I was curious what this film was all about but it's like American Pie. It was cool. I enjoyed the second one way better.
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    It's Official

    Woow, that's awesome!! :D
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    If Walls Could Talk...

    Um, I want the walls to tell me that Shia Labeouf is gay. Also Johnny Pacar. Both of them are so effin' HOT!! *drools*
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    What are you thinking about?

    What will I dream tonight? :O
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    Google Chrome Browser?

    I used Google Chrome a couple of times and it's a pretty neat browser. Although, I still prefer to use Firefox. <333
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    Didn't you know....

    Woow, congrats. *hugs* I have a long way to go *moans* haha.
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    What are you thinking about?

    What I'm going to do next month? >__<
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    Another Birthday! Woot!

    *sings* Happy, Happy Birthday Royale TO YOOOOOOU!!! :D
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    The mars thread

    MEEEEEEEE!! I'm 21 :wave: But I sooo don't feel 21 haha.
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    Femme or Straight Acting...

    I act very normal in public lol. and no I'm not embarrassed in public who acts gay. That's them, you know. But if I wanna be with someone I'd rather him act normal not flamboyant.
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    who is in their 20's?

    I am 21. Will be 22 on Feb 29. To be honest, I don't feel like I'm in my 20's lol.
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    Has anyone Been abuse by a parent for being HOH?

    ^wow, I'm so sorry to hear about that. You must have been through hell. That's totally wrong what your parents did to you, just nasty. As for me, I've never been abuse by my parents EVER! They treated me like every other human being. and if I were abused by them I don't think I would forgive...