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    Lighthouse, I am calling you out...

    Speaking of updating.... I bought a Nikon D90 with a f3.8 18-105 zoom lens for $668 from back in October 09. Added a Tokina f2.4 16-28 Wide Angle Zoom and a f3.8 80-400 Zoom for Christmas. Been Experimenting with the lens. Love the f2.4 for low light shots. Next christmas I'm...
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    Power One Batteries and Nucleus 5 CI Issues

    Received my new N5 the day before Christmas and had trouble getting the batteries (Power Ones) to work. The Processor wouldn't stay on longer than 10 Minutes, thought maybe they sent it to me mapped wrong so I waited until my Audi Appt. after returning from California. My maps were correct, my...
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    CI Moments

    Sunday 6 Sept 2009 3 new things While working as a marshal at the golf course I was sitting on the 9th hole next to the lake. Heard a light buzzing that grow to a loud outboard motor noise as the boat got closer and past by. After the boat was out of hearing range I noticed that I was...
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    Cochlea America coming out with a new Processor?

    Yeppers that's the one!! Since FDA has approved the implant and processor last week for the USA I will not be doing the case study but will have a chance to trade in one of my freedom processors for the new CP810 and a remote. Down side is I have to wait until I've been activated for 8 weeks...
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    CI Programming (Subtitled)

    This is almost spot on to how my Audi did it with a few variations.
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    Degrees of hearing loss and speech scores!

    LOL yeah right I wish. Insurance company was billed $83,000 by the surgery center alone for one ear. Of course the insurance company negotiated it down to 40,000. Keep in mind this doesn't cover the Pre Op, all testing, therapist, Audi, programming and of course the all the different Dr.s...
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    A CI success story for you

    Awsome video!!
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    NEW nucleus 5

    The 5 is still in testing in CONUS and doesn't have FDA approval as of 2 weeks ago. What I heard two weeks ago was that clinical testing could last until the end of the year. Once the testing is complete all findings will be presented to FDA for approval. Only way to get it in CONUS is to be...
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    Check receipts carefully

    Per this is still undetirmined. Wal-Mart Cash Back Scam Best to be on the side of caution and check your reciepts
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    Although it is a start in the right direction and I hope they can improve on it quickly I have to agree with Authentic I was expecting more. What would be nice is a touch screen monitor like the ATM machines. They could have it setup on the screen where you choose voice or on screen ordering...
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    How do you communicate.. pagers.. sidekicks.. blackberry

    T- Mobile - Samsung Memoir - Love it, The Web, Text, 8MP Camera and video. Wish Alldeaf had a mobile page.
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    Cochlea America coming out with a new Processor?

    I heard at the Audi’s office yesterday that I have an opportunity to be part of a clinical study group to test the new Cochlea America Processor for FDA regulations. Cochlea Rep was there and couldn’t give any details on the new features other then that I would be required to do Surveys and wear...
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    CI Moments

    Off Topic LOL. "I hate Seagulls" only means one thing to me. You got bombed!! How bad was it?
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    What the...a totally implantable Cochlear Implant?

    I have to agree that this will only help those that have a damage middle ear. It does nothing for nerve damage in the cochlea.
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    CI Moments

    Two weeks until the next tune up, calling Therapist after lunch.
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    CI Moments

    Finally I can post in this thread!! I got activated today!! Hearing speech, different from with HA but I'm hearing it.. Sounds like Everyword or sound is accompanied by a tweet it's like listening to Mr. Rodgers Trolly talk at the same time as everyone else.:P
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    Very Interesting...a simulation of normal hearing vs. 24 channel CI simulation

    Well just to add a little from my on experience. The sample is nothing like the sounds I'm getting after activation today. I can understand speech better then I thought I would but there is a tweeting or chirping sound with every pronunciation/syllable of the words I hear. Kind of like listening...
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    Hearing aid Loop

    Hey Candy Here is a wireless option for you cost a little more though. Get a usb Bluetooth adapter (walmart - IoGear Bluetooth 2.0 USB Micro Adapter: Computers for 19.00) Get the Maxit Bluetooth leckloop (Here 4 You Today :: MaxIT ® Pulse Inductive Loopset $155.00 for $155) I...
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    Bad Golf Jokes

    Nice! Do you know where the term 'Caddie' come from? When Mary, later Queen of Scots, went to France as a young girl (for Education & survival), Louis, King of France, learned that she loved the Scot Game 'golf.' So he had the first golf course outside of Scotland built for Her...
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    Very Interesting...a simulation of normal hearing vs. 24 channel CI simulation

    sr171soars - thanks for that post the others had me worried there a bit. See I've had HAs in one ear or the other growing up and in 2000 I went to wearing one in each ear all of the time. 3 Weeks ago I was implanted in my left ear and I get activated tomorrow. I was told by different people...