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    First Sign Language Message from Space

    Kudos to NASA!!! Fantastic! You made my day!!
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    13 year old boy becomes...

    :barf: Sicko!
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    I watched it. I wanted Cardinals to win, but too bad. Oh well. But congrats to Steelers got sixth time Super Bowl championships.
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    Bush gets shoes thrown at him....

    Agreed. I wish it was did! But it missed! Damn!
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    water bottles in plastic is bad for infants, children, and pregnant women

    I researching on the internet, I found these plastic bottle is bad for water because something chemicals, I can't explain because I not have good grammar. But I just want you to be safe with drinking water. More Water Also, they have links about Fluoride water is bad if you want more...
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    Bush gets shoes thrown at him....

    Yes, that's classical comedian-drama ever in my life. :lol: I wish he didn't ducked, but too late. What a matrix! Oh well! Wow! I enjoyed to saw Bush smiling at the journalist for miss. :laugh2: Anything new would not beat this video! Classical one!
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    Deaf Man Wins the Lottery!

    Good idea. If I were him, I will pay taxes first (OK), I don't have debt, but I will pay for my mother's debt, my families and friends, and giving to charities such as Alldeaf, National Assocation of the Deaf, pulmonary hypertension, and autism association, maybe even my favorite captioning...
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    Get any Youtube video Closed captioned for free

    I am done sending the message to Hulu! Thanks a bunch! It's wonderful to have you to be here for me to easy accessible to send e-mail to Hulu. :) Good job.
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    Black Friday Worker Stampeded to Death

    I agree! That why I hate f'ing Black Friday! It can kiss my ...! I love Amazon! I not like eBay due to terrible Paypal practices. I never go to Black Friday in my life, because I am personally not morning person. One time, my mother bought a Gamecube back in the way 2001, my mother was...
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    Black Friday Worker Stampeded to Death

    Me too.
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    Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother dead!

    I feel bad for Jennifer Hudson. I seen her first on VH1 "I love New York City". My goodness. I can't believe that she lost her relatives. :( :cry:
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    Man says God ordered him to ram vehicle at 100 mph

    He is weirdos! He is not true fellowers of God! Jeez!
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    I'm such a wimp. (humor)

    :LOL: Haha. It's very pretty funny thing to be scared! Oooooh!
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    Deaf Man Wins the Lottery!

    Wow! I had never seen on the news that deaf won from the casino. Wow! I am very happy for him! :D I hope his money won't be blow quickly away. :eek:
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    Circuit City to close 155 stores

    Wow, I never know that existed. I thought Fry's would be like something small store.
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    Bowler Dies Moments After First 300 Game

    Wow! What he was lucky guy has been accomplished with his bowling life before it took his life.
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    Circuit City to close 155 stores

    I agree with you, Best Buy has more selections on movies and video games.
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    Circuit City to close 155 stores

    I agree. But I don't like CC too much, but there are any stores don't have affect closing in Minnesota this year when I was checked up on the list from states.
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    Good fire alarms with lights?

    Today, in my apartment, they installed two fire alarms for us. How lucky for us, I hope they won't cost me to install them because Minnesota Law requires to have Carbon Monoxide Detector in your sleeping room, but it doesn't have strobe lights for me, haha. What a waste money for my apartment...