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    Taking ASL 2 :)

    I've done my best learning by simply using (and messing up a lot) the language with others... Deaf and hearies who are fluent. The Deaf people that have had to deal with me have been very patient with my efforts to not totally butcher their language! Books, DVDs and online programs can be...
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    Forced to Voice

    If she had a "Deaf Pride thing going on", she would be respecting YOUR CHOICE, and YOUR wishes. Wanting you to be vocal has nothing at all to do with deaf pride, or with wanting you to be an advocate (self or otherwise). It has to do with her wanting to be in control. VERY disrespectful. :thumbd:
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    Speech: A blessing or a curse?

    I think I love your doctor!:D
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    Deaf persons only: What annoys you the most about hearing people?

    There can be a great difference, depending on whether or not one is Deaf (in both the physiological and the cultural sense) or merely deaf (unable to hear). Yes, any hearing person can become deaf, but that doesn't mean that they will choose to immerse themselves in Deaf culture.
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    Spin-Off. Define "handicap" and "disability"

    Government buildings are required to be accessible, as do institutions such as schools, but I do not believe that older buildings (aside from those in the before-mentioned categories) here need to be altered to become accessible. In addition, many stores are not terribly accessible, and of...
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    Spin-Off. Define "handicap" and "disability"

    The problem with labels and how they are used is that, to many people, they define WHO the person is rather than what the physical or mental issue is. If my son is a disabled kid then, to many, he is disabled first and foremost. If he is a kid, with a disablity, then he is a kid...who just...
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    Spin-Off. Define "handicap" and "disability"

    My son has a disability, but he is handicapped only by lack of accessibility and by the attitudes of others. He can't walk, but it's a problem only when buildings, etc, aren't wheelchair accessible or when people think he is incapable. To me, though, the big issue isn't word choice so much as...
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    Here we go

    So am I!!! how on earth can a "teacher for the Deaf" NOT be expected to be FLUENT in ASL?????? WTH????
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    FBI violated my son's ADA rights

    By the dictionary definition, a pedophile is "an adult who is sexually attracted to young children". They don't have to actually have ever touched a child. That would make anyone who deliberately views child porn, a pedophile.
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    For my daughters

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    SEE (Signing Exact English) is the best sign language for a child to start with..

    ASL is, to you, "moving hands in a few motions"???? Wow. :roll:
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    SEE (Signing Exact English) is the best sign language for a child to start with..

    HOW on EARTH does using a language other than English translate into a "lazy way of communication"???? Someone who prefers ASL over SEE...which is not a language in and of itself... is less intelligent? Seriously?
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    Here, most children with LDs and "mild" issues are in the regular classroom... some with support, some without, depending on the specific designation as well as how strongly their parents advocate. Sadly, the parents of kids in younger grades are often still learning how to navigate the...
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    And even those kids can and WILL fall through the cracks if that "average" classroom doesn't provide the appropriate supports.
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    Yes it is! :lol:
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    Heh... another cheap shot....

    Personally, I wish the ignorant bitch would have stayed in Antarctica. Oh, dear... did I type that? :giggle:
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    I know that happens, I just don't GET it. If you (the general "you") had to move to another country, you'd learn the language in order to why not learn the language to be able to MOST EFFECTIVELY communicate with your child/ grandchild/ sibling/ etc....?
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    I could not agree with you more!!! As someone who works in the school system, I am frustrated by the insistence that EVERY child MUST be in a regular classroom... regardless of whether or not it is the most appropriate/ suitable placement, and regardless of whether or not there are the necessary...
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    SEE (Signing Exact English) is the best sign language for a child to start with..

    I am hearing, and a Deafblind Intervenor who uses sign language with my students... and I would NEVER use SEE with them. It is inaccurate, and cumbersome. It is not an actual language, merely a manual representation of English. AlleyCat says it well:
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    Sign Language for deaf and hearing children

    I wish more hearies understood that ASL is language...and that ALL children, hearing AND Deaf, need language to grow and develop.