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  1. Z

    greetings from florida!

    i'll gladly accept being welcomed with alcohol! :) phoenix, where in florida are you located?
  2. Z

    Skype, anyone?

    i'd like to try and learn! would anyone like to skype sometime?
  3. Z

    Which next state to legalize the gay marriage?

    florida...last state! i live in florida, too, and i feel like it will probably be one of the last states as well...
  4. Z

    greetings from florida!

    hey everyone! i'm zach! i'm a 20 year old, hearing guy from the great state of florida...sike haha. i am here to make friends and hopefully familiarize myself with ASL and everything surrounding it. my best friends is deaf and it amazes me how he was able to overcome the obstacles to where he...