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    Indy Roommate needed

    just like you.
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    Mac vs PC

    at her new house
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    Mac vs PC

    heres a picture of her computer at her old apt. :roll:
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    Listen to my ranting words

    this is getting interesting.. thought i would ask you guys a question. what do you have to say to those people who become gay just becuz the heck of it? what would you say if someone told you they became gay because they wanted to join their friends club of being gay? because that is what...
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    Listen to my ranting words

    i know. ive met people who go to gallaudet become gay becuz "everyone else is doing it."
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    Homophobia / Gay as Choice

    I definitely agree with Justin Sane.. Todays society, people find it easy to accuse one another for discrimination. Not to go offpoint, but once.. i read an article about a black person suing a police officer for forcing him to remove an article of clothing that the police officer thought...
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    :) back to point.. im trying to decide to who to vote for :mad2: Hmm... SilenceGold, but as for the two others, i dont know.. i kinda got bad impressions from those people on the list.. hard to tell.
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    i dont read everything on DM.
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    oh gotcha.
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    Donation - AD Fund

    very broke here. sorry man.
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    hes not banned isnt he?
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    where is the info why they wanna be mods and shit like that? i wanna read it before i make my decision.
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    Our Next Moderator - Cast Your Vote!

    damn this is hard... i cant make a decision.
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    Ask about Kevin+Jaymi's relationship

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    How Can You ....

    yes, it happen to pregnant women, they would want a certain food. i remember once my friend was pregnant and she woke up at like 2am, and told her husband she wanted thai food. her husband had to go out and look for thai restaurant that was open!
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    Flash News

    this happened before and dreama said it was a joke...
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    Got any party ideas?

    In 1993 an actor was killed as well when the gun backfired.
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    who have a trouble with ...

    my pager is wyndtell and its been fine lately. i noticed that most of my friends from california had problems with their rim 950 while mine was fine. perhaps it had something to do with coasts?
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    Facial Hair - for women

    :laugh2: im a bit young to have hair on my chin (Im only 19 going on 20) but im dark haired, so you can imagine!
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    What do you do for a living?

    i work different jobs. one is lifeguard, and hopefully to be promoted to the manager position since cant keep up with the fast pacing. another one is retail sales and third one is hospital clerk :)