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    DOJ sues AT&T for IP-Relay billing.

    About time. It's disturbing that only 5% of the calls are legit!
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    Court decides seniors can't reject Medicare

    Huh? Extra Help is helping you pay your Medicare if you're so poor. You are STILL on Medicare.
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    Court decides seniors can't reject Medicare

    anyone who refuses Medicare is an idiot. First of all, when you work, you pay your part into Medicare fund. And you don't want it back? What a dumb loser.
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    Welfare Queen

    Surely you know that it's a joke? Her name is Glozell. Youtube her. :)
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    Mouse got trapped in ATM!

    I think what happened was the previous customer used ATM and took the cash out and that was when the mouse tried to get in and oops...
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    World’s youngest grandmother is just 23-years-old

    The grandmother said she doesn't want her daughter to follow her steps but her daughter ignored and had a baby. Obviously genetically, they are sexually mature at much younger age.
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    Is it Possible to Be Raised Gender Neutral?

    No, everyone is born with sex. Either you're a male, female, or a hermaphrodite. There's no sexless child. The child may prefer to adopt the role of the opposite gender but that's ok. But to raise a child without gender is just a bit silly. Let the child explore what works best for the child...
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    Should we lower the price of U.S. passports?

    That makes no sense - if you can afford to travel overseas, then you can afford afford the passport. Your rights are restricted only in USA, and your passport does NOT give you the same rights OVERSEAS. UPDATE: just read the rest of the thread and noticed that Jiro's saying the same thing...
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    duck goes to deaf school

    This is cute - a duck sanctuary is raising funds through several ways including writing books about ducks. One of them is titled "Interrupting Duck" and it summarized: "Taloo is a duck who always interrupts. His classmates can’t get a word in edgewise. His siblings and his parents, even his...
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    Bill Gates: I don't pay enough tax

    Why should Bill Gates be the only one to pay more taxes? All the damn rich people should! That's called fairness!
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    FDA approves stem cell for deafness

    oh oh.... oh... ok. :/
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    FDA approves stem cell for deafness

    This surprised me... and I am questioning the ethics behind this: " Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and Cord Blood Registry® (CBR) are launching the first FDA-approved, Phase I safety study on the use of cord blood stem cells to treat children with sensorineural hearing loss. The...
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    80,000-years trip to Alpha Centauri with Human DNA?!

    oh boy, do other planets really need humans? lol
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    SUCCESS-President Obama & $4.00 a Gallon gas??

    don't expect president to do all the work for you, you lazy Americans. You are the ones that should get your lazy asses moving, not ask president to move your asses!
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    Millionaires storming in and demanding to pay more taxes!

    Why should those be the ones paying more taxes? We all should!
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    Bill Keane the creator of comic strip Family Circus dies

    I used to read Family Circus all the time when I was a child. I didn't even know he was still alive until today! I always thought he must have been dead for decades. Damn, why do I think so many famous people are already dead?! LOL
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    Andy Rooney Dies At 92 years old.

    He just died? I thought he was dead for years?!?!
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    skeptic now says global warming real

    and now, TXGolfer, you moved to Washington DC from California!?!? Whats up with that? :)
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    Thank You! Please Come Back Again!

    What's so inspiring is that she started her professional career at the age of 50 and worked for over two decades. Now, that's what America needs to be... don't think about retirement otherwise it'll show you to an early grave.