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    AllDeaf Meet @ DeafNation World Expo, July 2010

    I havent been here for YEARS but it would be great to see some of you in Vegas - I will be rooming with Kalista so see you guys around :D
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    Hello from Portland

    Hi ya neighbor! Also a Portland, Ore resident :) Enjoy this site! :wave:
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    What's your dinner tonight?

    Had french fries with melted Gorgonzola cheese.
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    Turning 40!

    I love being in my early 40s! While my health may be dwindling, my wisdom and character not to mention confidence has grown even more :) I wouldnt trade that for anything else :)
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    Pls help me..

    Take him to a child behavior specialist and she/he can figure out what is the root of his anger and frustration and find you tools and resources to deal with it. It sounds like he is extremely frustrated by his inability. Does he communicate articulately through words or signs? Is he going...
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    Who will win NBA championship?

    woooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo great game tonight!!!!
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    I'm Home!

    Arent you glad that you live in Oregon? :) Welcome back home from another Oregonian :)
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    Pics of you - Part IV

    You rock girl!!!!!!!!!!!1:lol:
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    Pics of you - Part IV

    Really cute regardless of how it was taken :)
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    Pics of you - Part IV

    i agree!
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    Pics of you - Part IV

    yes its a great picture!
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    If you had to have a sign above your head all the time, what would it say?

    I have PMS and a gun. Excuse me, did you want to say something?
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    If you had to have a sign above your head all the time, what would it say?

    "I am not ignoring you, I am deaf!" (many think I ignore them and it annoys me when I get lousy services because they think I ignore them when they ask me if i need help or whatnot)
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    I got new doggy

    Hey Doug, that s a very cute dog you got there! Enjoy Bud - he will bring so much to your life :) Hugs
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    Word game Part 2

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    Word game Part 2

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    FarmTown on Facebook

    Man you are addicted, alright! You must be a city person in real life if you are getting a kick out of this ;D
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    Word game Part 2

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    Word game Part 2

    Mona Lisa