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    Hey Everybody, its salem!

    old times indeed..time just flies quickly...things r fading then..
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    hope u get well real soon, LrrH
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    Hey Everybody, its salem!

    im surprised to see some of you still using whatever I created...:) LinuxGold, I dont have ur sig, but perhaps, it may be in the FTP in alldeaf's account. Maybe you can ask alex since I don't have access to salem's ftp anymore.
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    Hey Everybody, its salem!

    Just checking hows this forum is going..Lot of changes i see. Hope some of u remember me :)
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    Your request logo or signature..Ask me

    nice start so far...improve urself, and u'll hit it..keep going!
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    Tickle Messages

    yeah i had those forward messages, so i changed my email address to some unknown address so now i dont get their msgs anymore heh..if u want to stop those annoying msgs, all u have to do is sign in the phony address wit the pw..then ur set.. btw, nice seeing ya'll again once again..
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    Hey everyone, especially men... I'm...

    Ah, surprising to see someone being away as long as I have been..same thing oh well.. How are everybody doing around here lately? :) See some of you guys around here in a while then..
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    hello everybody!

    i've returned..been busy with summer job and everything goin on for this fall semester at skool.. I wonder if everybody around here still here or in same situation as me? well I'll be here for short time..See ya around then :)
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    NBA Street Vol. 2

    that game rocks. been playing it whole week wit friends, and man, its a blast! doing tricks, gamebreaker 2, some challenges, etc..really fun! i easily would recommend this game to anyone who want to have fun or in love wit basketball game, this is one for u! currently playin this game on...
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    Sig God returns.

    thanks everybody :)
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    Requests of Sigs or Avatars v2

    saw reloaded, and did the sig/avatar based on reloaded :)
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    Sig God returns.

    Well time's here. skool's over, and summer's here (at least it's coming) now going in 2nd year beginning this fall... Anyway i noticed there are bunch of new faces around here in this i figured i just do the introductions and meet ya'll while seeing the old faces around. Im sure...
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    Create a Travel Forum?

    werd. thus making other forums less active. less forum topics = more posts or replies. too many forum topics = less posts or replies. u get the idea.
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    May 20, 2003 - Tuesday - *New Date*

    pretty awesome..its amazing that this site has lasted long. keep continuing! I probably will be there that day :)
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    pic of ur case pc...

    pretty cool..i have same case as that, except some things i modded..heh..i have the pictures if u want to see :)
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    anyone has play this one?

    one of my friends has that..he liked it. but i haven't played it or seen it tho..only ratings for it. seems that gamespot gave it a good rating..
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    First Logged On

    i think that'd be a neat idea :)
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    I heard...

    yeah lol steve got busted. old news anyway
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    My Life Has Changed

    whew, i did read about this post earlier, and planned to post "congrats" except that i tho that it was april 1st, so i decided not to post :D that was good one, alex for possibly fooling some... :)
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    Requests of Sigs or Avatars v2

    Hey! Here's some couple of requests as i said before.. Stevey Boy KeWoOle grumpykiki To others, I'm going to upload your requests asap! :)