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    Odd questions from hearing people

    I was once been told "I didn't know deaf people can drive!"
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    anybody have myspace?
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    How Gay Are You?

    Nancy is 40% gay. You are a straight laced girly girl with just a hint of your butch side sometimes popping out! :)
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    why you choose your username??

    I have no creativity. :D Nancy is my real first name. :)
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    Anyone wearing a costume for Halloween?

    I am going to wear a costume for work this Halloween -- it's also casual day for those who aren't wearing a costume that day. :)
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    My Own My Space

    Because I own a dog. :) It will be a mixture of everything on that site, not just only about dogs. :) Have you noticed the video? :)
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    My Own My Space

    Here's my My Space site, so if you want to add me as a friend, let me know! :) - Nancy
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    Jeanie Tomanini

    Jeanie Tomanini was the female version of Johnny Eck -- the famous Half-Girl. Since "Freaks" was in the 1930s when she became famous also, I wondered why they never asked her to be in the movie alongside with Johnny Eck? Click here to see her life story and photos in this website.
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    Johnny Eck

    If you ever seen the movie, "Freaks" (1932), you would've seen Johnny Eck, the "half boy". :) Well, here's a video of him doing all kinds of things. :) YouTube - Johnny Eck & Friend If you want to watch the whole movie for free of "Freaks" - check out Google Video - enjoy! :) Google...
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    Brands of Hearing Aid Batteries

    My favorite brand is Energizer. :) I also use size 675 batteries for my BTE. :)
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    Drunk Girl Got Her Eyebrows Shaved Off

    What a dumb girl. :eek3: YouTube - Drunk Girl Shaving Eyebrows
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    Home Made Tattoo on YouTube

    To me, that's interesting that it doesn't really hurt that bad. I got the impression from the girl in the video that she was in pain a lot. Anyway, I cannot make out the first part of the tattoo S---- -N- Kiomie....but still, that is an awful looking tattoo to me.
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    Whatever happened to....?

    Just saw this thread -- I'm here. :)
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    Home Made Tattoo on YouTube

    Here's a homemade tattoo and teenagers who stayed home from school. U1-bjeBMt6k :eek3:
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    Hussein to hang this weekend

    Hi Mecooncat! :) Nice to see you again in AD! :D
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    Unexpectedly Deaf

    I've always knew this since I was a member of the now-defunct, and that I've had visually-impaired family members, and blind blind classmates from preschool days. Being blind doesn't mean total vision loss....meaning seeing's just like being deaf...
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    Hussein to hang this weekend

    Yep, I was reading the news about this....according to, he will be executed by 6 am Badghad time over there....meaning in the US, tonight....I'm in FL, so it will be 10 pm in my time. Religious factor in Saddam execution - Conflict in Iraq -
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    Congratulations, Tweety! :) That is a beautiful ring you got there! :D
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    Favorite Talk Show and why?

    I don't watch Talk Shows (I do like them though) because I've been working. :) But if I ever had a chance to when I am not working, my choice would've been Oprah. :) But that's highly unlikely because I am interested in the news than talk shows. :)
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    Why the "clammy skin" with start of menstrual periods?

    Why do women, during the start of their periods, have clammy skin, nauseation, and feel hot inside....also feels really bad, like the flu just took over? That's what had happened to me today at work. I went home (someone took me home from work because I don't want to risk driving in traffic...