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    How to know if the coil or processor needs replacing?

    Hey, So I contacted my audiologist via email regarding my N5 and she asked me to make sure if it was the coil or the peocessor that was having issues. I asked her for clarification but it was never answered (she ended up answering a different question I also had). I know from my Freedom...
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    How is your weather today part II

    It was cold especially with the wind. Makes me happy to be laying in my warm blanket right now until tomorrow morning lol.
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    Kanso - thoughts?

    So I thought I check out anything new with Cochlear and I saw that they have a new device called Kanso. I am intrigued in getting one but wasn't sure on how it felt. Here are my pros and cons so far. Pros: No coil = big + for me there. #1 reason why my C.I's keep breaking down. No earhooks =...
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    What Careers Have You Or Someone You Know Gone Into?

    Western Canada. And my dream job is to be an author, but I know I need a job to support myself as well. Relocation is probably what I would have to do for either British Columbia or Eastern Canada if I want to go into printing/bindery. For example, Ontario and Quebec has over 100 openings for...
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    What Careers Have You Or Someone You Know Gone Into?

    Just curious as what all of you has done. Looking for some inspiration. I have a certificate in Graphic Communications but unfortunately most of the printing jobs are literally on the other side of the country and graphic design jobs around here demand experience... Not even 3 months of...
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    Fire Alarms While Sleeping?

    My sister and dad are worried if I went and lived in a apartment of my own, how would I be able to hear the fire alarms at night? They've suggested to try leave my C.I's on but I've been sleeping without hearing aides/C.I's my whole life... and the sound of my own breathing annoys me. Is there...
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    How many deafies here know languages besides English and ASL?

    I know SEE and English. Trying to teach myself to at least read French.
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    CIs and Music

    I was only 12 and I was given a choice between Bionic or Cochlear. Bionic had a bigger advantage for me at the time because Cochlear did not have rechargable batteries (it just came out afterwards). Yet I felt Cochlear would be a better fit. (I think the other reason too was Bionic had a...
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    Has anybody liked their CIs?

    I love mine. It took me a couple of years for my first C.I to be mapped to the point where it hasnt been changed in a while. The second one is getting there but it's nice not having to go to the audiologist as much anymore. Though I still prefer my silence in mornings/late evenings... even when...
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    Movie Theatres And Captioning

    So I really don't like going to see a movie at the theatre... because I never understand what's going on. However I seen once a sign that my theatre offered some sort of captioning for the movie. I haven't gone to seen a movie in awhile, so I'm curious if anyone has ever tried such a thing...
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    I Don't Understand.. :C

    I love the sound of silence too. :) I spend like every morning eating/having coffee in silence so it's quite nice... but only by myself though. If my parents are here, then yes I do have to put my C.I's on or else who knows what I'm missing. Glad to see you're attending the school now, and it...
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    Winnipeg family faces $200K bill to send deaf son to U.S. university

    Wow... and here where I live in Canada.. I'm only to be paying for 5,000 CAD for one year of schooling without living cost fees (as it doesn't have any dorms). o.O Was told about that university but never looked at it... but sounds so expensive for a international student. :S
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    Why are you deaf?

    I was born a micro-preemie (24 weeks gestation) so I was born with sensorineural hearing loss. Or well moderate in my left, and severe moderate in my right. When I was nine years old, I was in a car accident - was sitting in the back seat with my sister, when we were rear-ended while stopped at...
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    Auditory Memory?

    I had this once... I think I could sense my parent's alarm clock going off.. then for a brief moment, I could hear the sound of the alarm clock going off really loud as if I was actually hearing it then it went away. Never had it happen again... I think this was before I had my first C.I...
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    Lonely & discouraged

    I go through this all the time! When I was younger, I often grew up together with my siblings and eight cousins... so sometimes I felt left out because I couldn't always follow what was being said. Now, I can understand my cousins better as they know to face me or tap my shoulder if they need...
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    What is your mode of communication with Hearies?

    If it's someone new, I tell them I'm deaf first but I can still hear with cochlear implants. Or else it can get awkward fast sometimes. So I prefer to tell them, in case if I'm having trouble understanding. If it's someone I know, I lip-read and listen. Then usually just communicate back...
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    How do you do hearing tests?

    I have that and I hate it when it comes trying to decipher which is real and what's not. :P So I just wait until I actually sense it in a way.. or hear it. As for the earplug thing in the ears, I used to have that done alot when I had some hearing left but when my hearing dropped, it's now...
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    Chicago Blackhawks game.

    I love hockey but my team isn't in the playoffs. :( So I'm neutral for who wins the cup. Good luck to both teams!
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    Whats your ethnic background?

    french canadian and german. (My dad's family moved from Quebec, Canada to Alberta, Canada in early 1900's then then met my grandma whose from a french family, then my mom's side - my grandpa and grandma both come from Germany).
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    Where is everyone from?

    from a city called Edmonton in Alberta, Canada!