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    Just got a letter today from......

    I agree with Reba. This reads just like a regular marketing letter intending to encourage growth to their business by reminding you about CI. There isn't anything in it discussing about giving it away for free.
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    JClarke's next trip

    Have a fun trip! You'll have fun meeting everyone. :)
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    Sim-Com works well. Like CJB, I get the advantages of lip-reading the spoken word when I'm not familiar with a sign. Most of the interpreters that I've met do sim-com.
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    Wells Fargo Discrimination!!

    Okee doke... This is what the guy said in the video (as far as I understood it). (disclaimer: not my words or thoughts, just interpreting what the guy said in the video)
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    How long do moulds last?

    A year or two is about right. Sometimes, I need to replace it more often, depending on how much they squeal.
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    The Talking Deafie

    Deafland? lol My brother and I were talking about the accent and what our response should be the next time we're asked where we're from. He said "Antartica". :) Works for me! And yes, I suppose I am a talking deafie. Mainstreamed with sign language.
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    DVD says CC, but does not have Closed Captioning

    Shastar, I found this other thread of a similar issue: In the thread I linked, it discussed a bit on how some TV's can't read the CC data when connected via component. Perhaps, it would help if you...
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    DVD says CC, but does not have Closed Captioning

    I quoted the above line as it seems like CC is being confused with subtitles, based on the issue description. Closed captioning (CC) is not the same as subtitles. So, the option to "turn on" closed captioning would not be in the DVD setup menu. Rather, closed captioning is handled by the TV. Is...
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    HA died - just venting and a quick Q for HA wearers

    I don't have the nauseating or off-balance feeling that you experience when I use only one hearing aid. I'm actually down to one hearing aid right now until I get my new molds. Squeals too much to have the other one in and it doesn't really offer added value. But, the only real change, for...
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    I have problem at job. Any deafies here cashier?

    Depending on who you spoke with at your local Target store, I would talk with the store HR manager first and offer to do a trial run. If you have already discussed the issue with both the store manager and the store HR manager, and they have the same issues still, I would recommend contacting...
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    Video conferencing

    I also have the Logitech webcam (I have 2: 1 for work, 1 for home) and it has been quite excellent in my usage. The cheaper ones wouldn't be so bad if there was a way to manually manage the exposure rate.
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    Grab $149 > Dell 10 Netbook w/4G USB Modem

    Sprint Relay PDF says offer expired on 10/31/09?
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    Deafdude's blog

    Forum Rules states: So, perhaps it could fall under that.
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    Deafdude's blog

    Thanks PFH, I see now, it's down at the very bottom of the page: I guess I never scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page when I was looking for that. Thank you for the clarification :ty: I wonder which would hold precedence though, the forum rules where the users agree to...
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    CI bashing by certain individuals

    Overall, I think it may be a good idea to create a new section dedicated to Stem Cells so that it could be filtered out of the hearing aids/CI forum section easier. I like to read the HA/CI and other future technology, such as stem cells, but I could do without the flame wars. It detracts from...
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    Deafdude's blog

    Not to be pedantic or anything, but I'm not sure where in the forum rules says that all postings belongs to AllDeaf and copyright ownership belongs to AllDeaf? By default, wouldn't they still belong to the individuals making the posts? In fact, an interesting excerpt, from the Forum Rules link...
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    Left handed Signer

    I'm right-handed as far as writing goes, and left-handed as far as eating with silverware goes. I usually sign with my right, except when my right hand decides to go on strike and not fingerspell properly, then I fingerspell with my left. For me, I don't really care if people sign with their...
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    Hearing aids with no insurance

    That's great! Hopefully she will get lucky with the mold and not have to redo hers. I"m about to have mine redone... it's a bit like winning the lotto getting the molds just perfect on the first try.
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    Driverless UVC Webcam- Logitech Vison Pro

    I was using Linux (Fedora 11) as my host OS, and Windows XP as my guest OS on VMware 6.5. I turned off memory page trimming, and allocated 1.5GB RAM to the VM. The rest of the configuration settings were more or less default. There may be other configuration settings that may have not been...
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    Driverless UVC Webcam- Logitech Vison Pro

    I think you're referring to the serial number registration. You can re-enter serial number by clicking "Help" > "Enter Serial Number...". Registration is optional, but the serial number entry is not optional. The only other ones that comes to mind are KVM and Xen. I think KVM is the newer of...