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    Good News for Android users

    Jane B, that's good to see your positive remarks about Hamilton's android smartphone app. I just now registered with Hamilton and am waiting to hear from them about downloading their app. I've used the CapTel landline (800) for a long time. Have carried an ancient cell phone for years, just for...
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    Netflix.... is it worthy to subscribe?

    I've had Netflix for about 5 or 6 years and love it. There have been very few DVDs that I had to return unwatched because of no captions or subtitles. Sometimes they're a little slow in getting the newest films out, about a month sometimes, after Amazon has them. It's a wonderful change from...
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    Which vibrating bed Clock system is the best?

    I have one from Global Assistive Devices. It's an alarm clock and the bedshaker plugs into it. The bedshaker is in the form of a hand which I put in the pillowcase. Works for me. I've had it about five years, received it as a freebie (promotional?) when I ordered a vibrating watch. Global...
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    Captions on cell phones

    Thanks, JaneB, for your help. I haven't looked at T-Mobile, although I understand from the Disability Alliance here that it does provide simultaneous data and voice, which is necessary with 3G. The Alliance also told me that Sprint does not guarantee these programs working unless it is on phones...
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    Captions on cell phones

    I'm a late, deafened very HOH adult. Do not know ASL. I've used a CapTel landline phone for several years, but would like to also get a cell phone that can offer up captions. (ATT carrier for landline, I pay for 2nd line for captions on incoming calls) I've been looking at Samsung Galaxy...
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    Hooray! FCC Releases Television IP Captioning Rules

    Do any of the new FCC regulations apply to videos within newspapers? I subscribe to both NY Times and Wall Street Journal and it seems that more and more of their news articles are in video format. I feel like I'm paying the full price, but receiving only half the product. I'm glad to hear CNN...
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    Golden Globes 2012

    Did anyone get captions? I get NBC via cable via local affiliate, WPSD. After 4 phone calls to affiliate, still no captions. They said it was an NBC problem because it was live. I'm thinking we've had other live performances with captions. NBC was working on it, so they said.
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    Your top 10+ favorite movies of 2012

    Not in any order except Game Change is #1 -- loved it. Moonrise Kingdom Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Arbitrage Magic of Belle Isle The rest I'm thinking of were 2011 Waiting on Netflix for some other recent ones.
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    Have ALL your family & friends boycott Netflix

    Some of us march to different drummers. If I didn't have Netflix I'd have nothing to watch in the evening except crappy shows filled with commercials. I've been a Netflix subscriber for about five years, and have loved every minute of it. I see more films in a month that I used to see in a...
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    What Are You Reading Right now?

    Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding. It's about a college baseball team, especially about the shortstop and catcher. I root for two teams, but don't really follow baseball, so am surprised that I am enjoying this one so much. Am about halfway through the 500 pages.
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    What are some good movies with deaf characters/about deaf culture?

    Beyond Silence is a fantastic German film (English subtitles) about the young hearing daughter of deaf parents. When her aunt gives her a clarinet she finds that she has a talent for it and this eventually causes some issues with her parents. The actors portraying the parents are themselves...
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    PBS channel coder/decoder won’t work with Charter Cable

    Thanks for the tip, Anij. I am currently not using a cable box, only the TV, with the cables the cable company installed, but if I upgrade and need a box, I'll remember the "gold tips." I think Charter finally did solve the problem (I hope, after two months). This week I called the local...
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    PBS channel coder/decoder won’t work with Charter Cable

    I subscribe to Charter Cable and had had no problem until they did a big regional (Southern Missouri) switcheroo in June/2010. Since then, the closed captions on the PBS channel (WSIU, Channel 8) are frequently scrambled, undecipherable. The other channels are okay, but I watch a lot of PBS...
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    Speech to text portable device?

    I read something the other day about a product of called I Caption, which is a small hand-held box to be used in theatres, and one can read the captions during the play. Currently only available for a small number of plays which makes me think that they are not run by speech...