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    Advice and tips?

    Yeah I live in Wooster, Ohio now. We just moved and I haven't updated it yet, thanks for reminding me! I'm sure that would help. I have e-mailed the Center for the Deaf in Cleveland, and they have been asking around for resources in my area. The only "test" we have is not reading subtitles on...
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    Advice and tips?

    Hello everyone, My mother and I are learning ASL. I am using Lifeprint and my mother is using "The American Sign Language Phrase Book" by Lou Fant and Barbara Bernstein Fant, "Signing Illustrated" by Mickey Flodin, and "The Joy of Signing" by Lottie L. Riekehof. We are starting to learn a lot...
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    :laugh2: that is so great x'D
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    Deaf People & Jobs

    Its McDonald's, you can't enjoy that :giggle:
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    What is your favorite singer/band?

    You know, this is a pretty popular question that is always hard to answer. As of right now, i really like Adele. My favorite band.... I'm going to say Snow Patrol.
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    Last movie(s) you purchased?

    The last movie I bought was "The Hunger Games", for about 20 dollars. It was the special edition with the mockingjay pendant.
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    Overdone hello title.

    Thanks :)
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    How much do you know about religion?

    77% not so bad for a sheltered christian, no?:giggle:
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    CC or Subtitles

    I've used captions since I figured out how to turn it on, around 8. I can't watch the news with captions, specifically HLN. The speed they're at really bother me and there is so many mistakes. :roll:
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    Overdone hello title.

    Hey everyone. I'm Donavan from Birmingham, AL. I'm on here to poke around at the forum. Never really joined one before, and it sounded like fun :) I am learning ASL, due my mother slowly, but steadily losing her hearing with Menieres. My mother and I are learning together. My dad won't learn...
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome Welcome to alldeaf :)
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    What Anime Have You Watched Lately?

    I have been watching Fate/Zero... I've been a long time fan of Type/Moon, and their fate/stay night franchise. Its nice to see uFotable working with them again. I've watched(and read, when available) Air tv, Fullmetal alchemist:brotherhood, Pani Poni Dash, and 1/2 of all the studio ghibli...
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    Half Life 2: Episode 3 Charater may use ASL

    That is SO exciting!!! I love the half life series, valve is so brilliant with their storylines.
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    Official AllDeaf Switched At Birth Discussion [tv show on abc family]

    I love Melody, she's one of my favorite characters. I think its sad how Emmett treats her. I know he's angry about the whole thing, but its obvious that Melody really loves him.
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    ASL Students: Be honest, your reason???

    I am learning asl because my mother has Menieres disease and I don't like talking, let alone repeating myself. I started heavily learning because of switched at birth, it was my first experience to asl and my only glimmer of the Deaf community.
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    Hello! :D

    My name is Donavan, i'm 18 and live in southeastern tennessee. I'm hearing, and i'm learning asl because my mom is hard of hearing. I look forward to getting to know all of you!