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    Programs for Teachers of Deaf Education

    Hi, I was looking into a Master's degree program at the University of Northern Colorado in Deaf Education. I was wondering if anyone knew about or has been through this program? Is it a good one? Thanks!
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    Pittsburgh PA ASL Study Buddies

    Hi, Weekends would be great. My husband would be able to get me wherever we agree to meet and he could watch the kids. :) I learned ASL by taking community college classes when I lived in Washington state. Can you tell me about yourself? What made you want to learn ASL? I'll have to meesage...
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    Pittsburgh PA ASL Study Buddies

    Hi, Yes, I would LOVE to practice with you! As I mentioned I can't drive due to my vision but if you are willing to come to Bellevue for week night practices or practice on a weekend I can get do it. Let me know what works for you and maybe we can arrange something. Its been a while since I...
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    Pittsburgh PA ASL Study Buddies

    Hey Matt, Sorry for the delay in reply! My name is Carol. So why are you taking ASL classes if you don't mind me asking? Me? I just really like the language. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know I didn't forget about ya just been busy! Do you have FB account or email so we can try and set up...
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    Pittsburgh PA ASL Study Buddies

    Hi dertyhoez, That would be great! If you are ok with the evenings or weekends I am game. Just let me know! Are you in an interpreting program or just enjoy signing? Looking forward to meeting you. :)
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    Pittsburgh PA ASL Study Buddies

    Hi Julietta- I would love to practice sign with you! However, it would have to be in the evenings or on the weekends, if that is ok.Are you a student? What is your ASL level? I have learned ASL but its been awhile since I used it so I am a bit rusty! :(
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    Life in Florida?

    Hey Amandaraemay! I am from the Emerald Coast and I really think you will like it there. Our beaches are like NY's snow. :) Good luck on your move. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    What's your dinner tonight?

    I think tonight for us it will be crab cakes, spinach, and tator tots.
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    Hi, I'm Jessica!

    Hi Jessica, Welcome to AD. I also have a 2yr old little girl and live in PA. However my son is the one with the hearing loss. Welcome and see you around AD!
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    Pittsburgh PA ASL Study Buddies

    Hi Y'all- Is there anyone in the (Bellevue) Pittsburgh area that would want to get together for face to face gatherings and practice ASL? I hope so! Thanks!
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    Hello from Florida!

    Hi and welcome. Wow you are a busy person! I am from Florida originally...missing the sunshine but not the humidity! :) Good luck!
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    Hello! I'm an ASL student

    Hi Akiko, Welcome. I am also trying to become an interpreter. Good luck to you. I Love the name...are you Japanese? I am half! :)
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    Just wanted to give you guys an update! I enrolled in the educational interpreting program I was telling y'all about. I start on the 7 Sept. 2011. I'm a little nervous but excited. I should know after the first week or two if it will be a struggle for me. But I am determined to succeed (hmmm...
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    Hi Alldeaf

    Hi Guys! Welcome to AllDeaf! You two are funny! I think it is sweet too that you two are taking up sign language together! Good luck and welcome! :)
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    Back to school :)

    NEMMOOO- Yeah pizza is popular in our house too! :)
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    Hello. (:

    Hi Taylor, I am nor HOH or Deaf but I do have a son who has hearing loss. I just wanted to say hi and congrats on the pregnancy. Ihope you have an uncomplicated delivery! :) Boys are great...I have two! I think they are easier then girls...I have two of them too. Good luck!
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    Back to school :)

    Frankiesmom- You made me laugh! :) I can relate. On the first day of summer vacation mine started the "I'm bored, there's nothing to do" whine and arguing with one another. Its been a LONG summer for me. I am ready to get back to the routines!
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    Back to school :)

    @JoeyDeafNija- what are you looking forward to about going back to school the most? What are our best subjects? That is good that you like school and are eager to go back. @FriskyFeline- Yeah I don't look forward to all the piles of homework they will get. Its a ton! And some of it is way...
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    Back to school :)

    Is everyone as excited as me to have the kids get ready to head back to school? I am ready for them to get back into a routine and have them start their extracurricular activities up again. With the new school year approaching I was curious as to what everyone does for meals and routines? I...
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    I have my FB acount connected to my phone so whenever I havea notice I check. I usually am on alot throughout the day/night. It can get ADDICTING! :(