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  1. Mimsy

    Did you know?

    Maybe the kids are bored in school and don't pay attention. I learned in 1st grade that the earth revolves around the sun. My teacher even used foam celestial bodies to show us. I enjoyed that lesson.
  2. Mimsy

    Have you went to any Opening days??

    I've been to lots of opening days at stores. The best one was Sephora, and they gave out lots of free make and make up demonstrations. The best opening day was for the new New York Cosmos soccer team. I got to see Pele although he didn't play, he was a guest of honor. That was cool. The...
  3. Mimsy

    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    I wonder how that Aussie boy is doing, the one who kept talking about wanting a girlfriend. I think he said he got a job in America, at a camp or something??
  4. Mimsy

    Belgium King Albert to abdication on July 21,2013

    I love royalty news. The next royalty news should be coming soon----the birth of William and Catherine's baby. I can't wait!
  5. Mimsy

    Furries across the US...

    I don't know why but seeing people dressed up as furry animals scares me, makes me uncomfortable. I don't mean like at Disney World or at a children's party, but when adults dress up and take on the persona of the animals, it's creepy and makes me nervous. No disrespect to furries.
  6. Mimsy

    I have a question.

    :laugh2: Oh cazzie, you made me laugh so hard!
  7. Mimsy

    A the Cochlear implant made for the hearing or for the deaf?

    I honestly don't worry about our tax money paying for CIs, hearing aids, whatever, because our govt wastes so much money financing wars in other countries, so why not help Americans first. BUT if I wasn't on my father's medical insurance plan, I'd have to pay for my lenses out-of-pocket, and I...
  8. Mimsy

    I have a question.

    I'm not a "professional" lip reader and I'm not even deaf, but English is my second language so I spent YEARS watching people's lips to help me understand English, aaaaaaaaaanddd he said "disrespectful piece of shit". :laugh2:
  9. Mimsy

    Obsession on deafness or disability?

    Grummer, it's not. This is how we learn from each other.
  10. Mimsy

    Obsession on deafness or disability?

    Does "disabled" mean "unable" If that's true, I'm disabled when it comes to seeing clearly. I am unable to read a book without aids. I have trouble sewing. I can't have a job or trade of profession where good eyesight is needed, unless I'm wearing my lenses, and even then, there are some...
  11. Mimsy

    Obsession on deafness or disability?

    Why is disabled a bad word? Disabled means unable to do something. So what. I am visually disabled and without my lenses everything is a blur, so I'm disabled in the visual area. If you are unable to hear, you are disabled in that area. Who turned "disability" into an evil, demeaning word...
  12. Mimsy

    Interview with a Deaf person.

    :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: Derek's a businessman!
  13. Mimsy

    Does a 20 year old have the right to

    I want to get a belly button ring but my parents, especially my mother, went into a fit over the idea. I appreciate the responses. I decided not to do it since I still live at home. Thanks.
  14. Mimsy

    Does a 20 year old have the right to

    get a belly-button piercing when her parents forbid it? just curious.
  15. Mimsy

    I have a question...

    Thank you, Bebonang. Are there many deaf Native Americans where you live, or are most of the people in your Deaf community white? It doesn't matter, I'm just curious if you have lots of Native people to sign with.
  16. Mimsy

    I have a question...

    Bebonang, you said you learned sign language when you were 20 years old. How long did it take to become "fluent"? I'm wondering because I've been trying to learn sign, but there are so many signs I think it will take me a very long time to be able to communicate well with deaf. I learn oral...
  17. Mimsy

    Cheerios Ad Backlash

    :laugh2: I have to put a ton of sugar on it to eat Cheerios. I hope they don't pull the commercial. They need to ignore the racists.
  18. Mimsy

    Boy racer's dream lawn mower...

    This one is safer.
  19. Mimsy

    this is the motorcross track i was talking about

    That looks scary.:shock:
  20. Mimsy

    Should Dolphin-Assisted Childbirth Be Legal?

    So the dolphins will swim up to the shoreline, or will the woman be treading water out in the ocean while in labor? Are these trained dolphins or wild? I don't know if it should be illegal or not, but I do think it's selfish of those parents to want to have this kind of birthing experience...