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  1. LakeTahoe

    plans to eat at All you can buffets...

    :barf: Sorry we stopped going buffet few years ago (about 5-6 years ago, that's the last time)... food sucks and way too much salt....bleh!!! I like the desserts but the food? no... I rather home cooked meals because I know how much salt is in there...and healthier!
  2. LakeTahoe

    How long does it take to get Social Security?

    I waited like 3-4 months finally got my 1st check...that was in 1998. (I stopped in early 90's because I was working full time, and make more than what I get from SS). So best is to call and see what's going on. My husband waited about 6 months and finally got it.....I hate 'waiting' part! :roll:
  3. LakeTahoe

    Which vibrating bed Clock system is the best?

    So far I know Boombox is best.... everyone have their own preferences. I have my boombox since 1998 til my youngest broke the pieces that connect for vibration. But light flash still works. Best thing I ever owed! Good luck finding a new one!
  4. LakeTahoe

    Post your gas prices Part II

    Now I dunno....hubby filled it up since we got the car...:-\ so I don't really pay attention to the gas price average is 3.58 WTF...the gas price shot up again!? UGH!
  5. LakeTahoe

    Rochester, NY Deaf Nation Expo

    Did I meet you?? I don't remember :hmm: If you did, what did I win from the drawing?
  6. LakeTahoe

    ios 7

    I don't know why my iPod won't turn Wifi on... I thinK I may need to reset everything... Gotta to upload pictures in computer first then reset everything. Hope it'll work.. if not then it is useless I did updated my iPad this morning...I am not used to the new design... not explore much so...
  7. LakeTahoe

    Mobile phones

    Im with Virgin Mobile and been with them for few years.... my data plan is grandfathered with same price. I like it but con is buy new phone in full... I don't like contract.
  8. LakeTahoe

    Coclear question

    What kind of CI does he have? I am thinking removing mine and sell rest of it.... CI isn't for me.
  9. LakeTahoe

    Rochester, NY Deaf Nation Expo

    Anyone are going to Expo this coming Saturday?? My kids and I will be going... unfortunately my hubby cannot go :(
  10. LakeTahoe

    If you have twin babies by tonight

    Boy-*Zachary Austin Girl- probably Zara Hazel or Hazel Kallie or something I don't know Not having any more kids...2 boys are enough :)
  11. LakeTahoe

    This is a domestic bengal cat, beautiful huh?

    Ive wanted one....beautiful kitty!
  12. LakeTahoe

    What's your dinner tonight?

    Left over of manicotti with yummy homemade sauce from friend's house. I didn't want them go waste so took some home :) I'll fix up some cheese bread as well...darn don't have salad! Simple dinner tonight :thumb:
  13. LakeTahoe

    That is the best recipe for a choking hazard I've seen all year.

    I refused to make youngest isn't fond of plain pasta not even with sauce!
  14. LakeTahoe

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Second Chances yesterday I think (I DVR it a while ago and save it whenever I feel like to watch movie) Just tonight I watched Little Rascals... too cute
  15. LakeTahoe

    Anyone have problems with Nexium (the purple pill)?

    I think I was on it for a worked and I have no side effect. Very expensive! Thank god for insurance! Anyway, you might want to research something like natural vitamins or something to with your heartburn. I was misdisgoios (not sure how spell it) and it was my gall bladder so I got...
  16. LakeTahoe

    Best Deaf Cell Phones? Samsung Galaxy Note II is one!

    I plan get SAMSUNG GALAXY S® III 4G LTE hopefully in October or wait til it get on sale.... I may give my old one to my oldest son but not 100% sure yet. I am under Virgin Mobile and I have no issue with VM since 2010 I think or 2011 I can't remember which year I joined. Monthly is so...
  17. LakeTahoe

    Rochester, NY Deaf Nation Expo

    Cool...when is that? I'll love to meet you guys! Its only 12 hours from here......I can catch trains with kids (hubby can come if he want) and I can stay with friend that lives in Chicago for a night or two....see see
  18. LakeTahoe

    Rochester, NY Deaf Nation Expo

    It is Deaf Nation Expo
  19. LakeTahoe

    Reason for your avatar?

    Love OBX cuz that's our favorite vacation spot... we haven't been back since my youngest was 9 months old. We needed go back soon! Relaxing on the beach, enjoy the sunshine, find shells, chase crabs, chase the birds etc... my youngest LOVES to chase the birds... :roll: so he'll have a ball doing...
  20. LakeTahoe

    Rochester, NY Deaf Nation Expo

    There are several... Roof Inn Motel 6 Motel 8 Days Inn (I think) Rodeway Inn Or something like that (it's right off 390, near Cracker Barrell, but I'll need double check the name of motel/hotel) Doubletree hotel I agreed with you not want to spend so much $$ on hotel for only sleep and...