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  1. GraysonPeddie

    Android-based Text Relay With Ability To Enter Info Before Call

    Hi, everyone. With my LG Optimus V (Virgin Mobile), I want to be able to enter the information before the relay operator initiates a call since using a soft keyboard can take a lot of time to thumb type. Also, I want to be able to adjust the font size due to my visual impairment. It'd be nice...
  2. GraysonPeddie

    Ok, What's Out There?

    So you have an Android smartphone? Do you have Internet access from Metro PCS? You don't need to use a mobile TTY if you have Internet access, but if you don't have Internet access, you will need a mobile TTY connected to your cell phone via a 2.5mm cable. I think this might be interesting: The...
  3. GraysonPeddie

    [SOLVED] Automated System Trying to Reach Me via i711

    I get a missed call e-mail, which is pretty much from the automated dialer. It's from 425-562-3215 and that seems to be the debt collection agency, so here's the recording: (recording) hold press 2 if i need to call back later press 3 of this is a wrong number press 4 it is really important i...
  4. GraysonPeddie

    deaf friendly wireless service

    If you're into text messging only, how about Qwert - Text Only Phone Plans - Texting Only Plans with 400 text messaging plan for $10 a month? You can choose any SIM-unlocked cellphones or smartphones, like a Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo Pro, or Palm Pixie Plus (very low price at the time of...
  5. GraysonPeddie

    Am I considered odd or the abnorm ?

    No way? Why would you think that? You don't have to be abnormal to use text relay service. :) I'm not deaf but I'm hearing impaired.
  6. GraysonPeddie

    Do you plan to buy tablets?

    I'm planning to buy a tablet based on AMD Fusion-based Wichita APU (accelerated processing unit) next year. That is, when Windows 8 hits beta. :) It might be cool to have a 3-axis accelerometer with a GPS receiver. :)
  7. GraysonPeddie

    What do You think about Window Phone 7?

    I'm betting my money in Windows Phone 7. I really can't wait to have it. :) But with one condition: I want it in a 4.1"+ screen that can fit in my pocket. :)
  8. GraysonPeddie

    Repetition: 10 tips for getting the cheapest airfare

    To lower the chance of misleading anyone with the subject about airfare, I've marked the beginning subject as "repetition." Source: Air Travel - Finding The Cheapest Ticket I don't want to offend the writer who wrote this, but I think that teacher should use this as an example on how you...
  9. GraysonPeddie

    A Techie Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    Well, I guess there's nothing I can do, then. :(
  10. GraysonPeddie

    A Techie Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    I can see the picture just fine. But it's this: How to Make a TV Antenna for HDTV | TV Antenna Plans I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome. It happens in IE8 and Firefox 3.6.
  11. GraysonPeddie

    A Techie Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    Please pardon me if others haven't asked, but what's wrong with the web page?
  12. GraysonPeddie

    SIP-based VRS Providers

    (Warning: For Technical-Minded Audience Unless You Want To Read This!) Eh, no I don't have any video phones to test on and it looks like I'll have to add the H.323 channel module for Asterisk in order for video phones with H.323 stack to communicate with other video devices through the Asterisk...
  13. GraysonPeddie

    SIP-based VRS Providers

    I haven't done it myself. Unfortunately, I don't have knowledge of ASL and I've never used any VRS providers before.
  14. GraysonPeddie

    TV tuners for PC

    I currently use Hauppauge HVR-1250 HDTV Tuner. It works very well with Linux when coupled with MythTV. MythBuntu is good for a start for those who are interested.
  15. GraysonPeddie

    Channel Master 4221 4-Bay Antenna

    Isn't a yagi antenna only for outdoors? I've never seen a yagi antenna that can fit inside my apartment. My apartment does not have an attic.
  16. GraysonPeddie

    Dell new 5 inch tablet w/ front video conference camera and Google OS Andriod

    Yaaayyyy!! 16:9 for me!!! :D I'd take the Dell Mini 5 Tablet device over iPad. :) Hmm... I don't know if I can attach a USB cellular modem to it. It's something to think about.
  17. GraysonPeddie

    Channel Master 4221 4-Bay Antenna

    I moved to Orlando as of August 2008 and I picked up 42 channels in 32825. I get the channels from East-Northeast where TV transmitters are located 15 miles away, which is much better than getting channels 30 to 40 miles away while in Tallahassee. Note that I do get 4 blank channels from WHLV...
  18. GraysonPeddie

    (Near Sidewalk with Dead End) Caution: Deaf and Blind Children

    So that sidewalk is the property of the deaf/blind institution? Interesting... That could explain that the street is incomplete; meaning, pedestrians are forced to walk on grass and those who are using a bicycle (I'm not talking specifically about mountain bikes) or a wheelchair are forced to...
  19. GraysonPeddie

    SSD vs HDD

    Yeah, maybe, but check this out: - Computer Hardware,Hard Drives,Solid State Disks,PCI Express 600MB/s+! :) I'm thinking about getting an 8GB SSD in SATA 2 configuration, or SATA 3 (6Gbps) when it comes out. This'd be great when I get an ASUS SATA3/USB3 PCIe adapter.
  20. GraysonPeddie

    (Near Sidewalk with Dead End) Caution: Deaf and Blind Children

    Okay, thanks for the information.