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  1. FutureGame2100

    My suggest is for XBOX 360 & Playstation 3

    Yeah, some people complained about it. I can wait for up to them to have more dicussions about the future happens.
  2. FutureGame2100

    Build Gaming PC Help?

    I recommend you to buy this gaming laptop with running great games and it is good price for a reason. Here the link: - lenovo IdeaPad Z565(4311-37U) NoteBook AMD Turion II Dual-Core P520(2.3GHz) 15.6" 4GB Memory DDR3 1066 320GB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RW ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470...
  3. FutureGame2100

    Slant Six is working a new project for the sequel of Resident Evil game.

    What an exciting news! Slant Six is currently working on a new project for the sequeal of Resident Evil game which has returned to the Racoon City like a Resident Evil: Outbreak. I'm very excited to see any unveil of the future Resident Evil game. Here the information with details: Rumor...
  4. FutureGame2100

    Will our SSI will be cut off ?

    Don't forget to read this urgent news: Social Security: No 2011 increase in benefits - Oct. 15, 2010
  5. FutureGame2100

    Netflix has announced the steaming video with update on the subtitles.

    Please follow the below link and it has a lot of titles with subtitles via the steaming video for Wii, PS3, PC, and MAC. ncmacasl You are more welcome to watch it. I hope you enjoy watching it with subtitles.
  6. FutureGame2100

    Ever played the Portal the game?'s now on T-Shirts...sorta ^_~

    Awesome. I remember someone made a very nice Portal weapon with a toy. I don't remember which link was. I can't even wait for next the Portal 2. :)
  7. FutureGame2100

    So, I am single again!

    Yeah, I'm cool with these people. Not only for the higherland because he is a stonehead.
  8. FutureGame2100

    So, I am single again!

    How much you are retarded to taking my point off? I ignore you for a period, retarded man.
  9. FutureGame2100

    "Deaf-friendly" Law Schools?

    I was a young kid and I saw there are two deaf girls enrolled in the law school from the University of California, Los Angeles. I am not quite sure if you want to apply or not there.
  10. FutureGame2100

    "Saw" Movie with 3D...Oh, Gawk!

    I can't wait to watch it with an open caption from the Captionfish with updates.
  11. FutureGame2100

    Will our SSI will be cut off ?

    Yes, I agree with you. :[ I'm looking foward to get second job before next year.
  12. FutureGame2100

    So, I am single again!

    I respect at a lot of people who is an Asian. On the other hand, he is first place to insult me when I post first. I don't understand what he did to me. I'm going to ignore him for a period until his prove to be forgiveable.
  13. FutureGame2100

    So, I am single again!

    I don't understand you're offender. Your grammar is just lousy. You are in the first place to insult me on other forum. You have disrespect on me. You're asian and I'm an asian. How the fucking you are rude.
  14. FutureGame2100

    hate LED

    Yes, that's good idea.
  15. FutureGame2100

    is it normal for deaf people to worry about this?

    Depend on everyone is normal or not normal. I'm normal to my family.
  16. FutureGame2100

    So, I am single again!

    No you're still stupid to purpose her. You look in a hurried way.
  17. FutureGame2100

    So, I am single again!

    Hi, can we chat for a while? I'm very apologized about your ended relationship. I've been single for almost one year. :)
  18. FutureGame2100

    hate LED

    Yes, I agree with you. LED save everyone's money a bunch of times.
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    Welcome to the Alldeaf. I'm deaf, too. I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and I live currently with my dad in CA now.