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  1. Sweet_KJ

    Music question

    All other postings are probably right... doesn't matter what it being said but from why I "read" it as it looks like he's saying "I'll tell you why... I'll tell you why..." just repeating. Sometimes songs and stories have everyone's own interpretion.
  2. Sweet_KJ

    Pregnancy: Reveal or Not to Reveal?

    My cousin and his gf announced their pregnancy at 3 weeks! Like you, I was shocked... especially since they're unmarried and it was such a early announcement.... they DID miscarry not long after announcing it. That kinda provides my point that it's best to wait until it passes through the...
  3. Sweet_KJ

    Summer travel

    No travels planned for the summer... took my vacation in March, and will leave for good in December to the Middle East. :) I will sit back and enjoy the "virtual travels" from my computer at work!
  4. Sweet_KJ

    anybody you went to London,England trips before?

    Been to London thrice (3 times). First time: December 1999 (Christmas) for a couple days. The weather was gloomy and grey and COLD! But it sure was nice to warm up with a pint at age 19! :) Second time: Solo trip July-August 2006. I went alone for 9 days and stayed in one hostel in...
  5. Sweet_KJ

    Traveling to Middle East...

    Yep, you read it right. Am traveling to Middle East for a presumedly long period of time. I got some great tips from Gnarlydork :) Anyway, I was wondering if any of you know the contact information for any Deaf organizations and schools in the country of Jordan specifically? In my feeble...
  6. Sweet_KJ

    Self Moving Trucks

    Avoid Texas? Theres nothing really wrong with Texas except that it is a LONG and boring ride, but very very flat -- and more reason to keep driving thru! Also, you did mention that you're not interested in sight-seeing -- there's not much to see in this area :) I second with concerns...
  7. Sweet_KJ

    Medical Insurance Coverage for CI users

    Hi ya'll -- long time no see or hear! I'm back here with a very important question: does anyone know of any reliable medical insurance who will approve coverage for an individual who already has the CI? See, I've been stressed out about finding the proper insurance for just myself (no...
  8. Sweet_KJ

    London UK Deaf gatherings?

    Hey guys, I'm finally making it out to London again. Will be in the area between July 21 and 30 this summer. Would like to meet other deafies in London (Deaf Pub? whatever). So anyone know of any excellent deaf gatherings happening during this time? Tips (and directions) are appreciated.
  9. Sweet_KJ

    If You Are Deaf, Please Answer Regardless Of What Your Friends Think...

    If I could, I would vote "no" I already have the CI -- in fact, two of them. The recent one (24 channel) was implanted almost 3 years ago, in a way I wish I didn't get it done. I find myself not using the CI as much anymore. The only reason I would keep coming back to it is to listen...
  10. Sweet_KJ


    I'm sure it's open to other activities. I think I will just try to take off from the same concept of Hashing but also include other fun activities... Give me a heads up if you know any San Diegans (or OC/LA folks) who may be into it! (PM me, please). I think I will start planning for...
  11. Sweet_KJ

    Questions & Answers game

    ADers Cancus? I didn't even hear about this! But probably not. Anyone coming out to San Diego soon, wanna visit me?
  12. Sweet_KJ


    Try googling "Hash House Harrier" I'm more of a social person, when I find the right group :). I have to drag myself to exercise but I love doing it when I do. I used to run, but have fallen out of that the last couple years since I began working two jobs and moved to San Diego. San...
  13. Sweet_KJ


    Does anyone partake in this activity? There's a big group here in San Diego, but I'm pretty doubtful any of them are deaf. So it got me thinking, maybe I should start one up with deafies, HoHs, and anyone who can use ASL! Of course, I think the word of the wise is for me to actually...
  14. Sweet_KJ

    Caution: Travel Advisory for Mexico

    Keep in mind that Mexico City is considered one of the most dangerous cities/places to be in, if not the top. So this report isn't that surprising. Everyone should just be alert, no matter where you are, and know what to do in case of an emergency.
  15. Sweet_KJ

    Christmas Cookies.....

    Heya, This year I didn't make cookies :( No time and no space. Plus I live alone, lol... But usually my family makes: Mocha cookies <--- these are heavenly (if you like LOTS of truffly chocolates, these are awesome!) Ginger cookies Wedding cookies (ya know white powdered)...
  16. Sweet_KJ

    Proposals: 50 Ways To Pop The Question

    Only skimmed through the 50 proposal ideas... I do look forward to this special event... I prefer a surprise semi-private proposal with creativity. I'm a sucker for romance. Particularly because most guys I've dated were not at all romantic :-/ I was engaged before, several years ago...
  17. Sweet_KJ

    College Savings!!!!

    Condoms. heh.
  18. Sweet_KJ

    Do You Wanna Dance.....

    Gnarly,... you'll have to tell me where that swing club is. I was looking for a thread mentioning dancing. And here it is. Reason is because I'm so OUT of SHAPE (just looked at myself in a full length mirror this morning, ugh). I used to run... but I really don't like the area that I live...
  19. Sweet_KJ

    Step Right Up......

    I give ya one. :kiss: