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    Hello and welcome.
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    Best FM system for University lectures?

    Also check with the disability services office. Also may want to check the state department of rehabilitation.
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    Hi Everyone

    Hello and welcome.
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    deaf chat Paris Tn

    Welcome to AD. Just to let you know, this thread was from 2012. When reading, keep date in mind cause a lot of people aren't on here much anymore and are unlikely to respond.
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    making friends

    Cool, I'm from Kansas. Used to live in San Antonio.
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    making friends

    Where are you from?
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    making friends

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    Looking to interview someone!!! ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯

    Also if they would do a search, there are answers all over this forum. There is even a thread that provides links. On top of that, teachers need to stop with this assignment unless they are willing to provide people they can contact to ask.
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    Questions for the Deaf Community :) Welcome and here's a link with answers to questions in the past. You should be able to find answers to your questions.
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    Need oh so much help

    Already added website on another thread but will post on here also. They do offer listening devices. Also you can check this website and contact them. They may be able to help you with what you need to get/keep a job and to be safe at home...
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    Business Project for Helping The Deaf or HOH If you are interested in a alarm clock, you may want to check out Sonic Boom clock. They are on Amazon too.
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    How to get it all connected?

    Normally caller ID is before the phone so I would take wire from the wall and plug it into caller ID then plug new wire to what the old wire was in. If current is wall to phone then new is wall to caller ID to phone.
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    Looking a room for rent or a roommate

    Hover over name and small window should popup and click on new conversation. If not there, I think you have to have certain amount of posts before you can send one.
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    Deaf Dating Sites?

    Not many anymore.
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    Deaf Dating Sites?

    No problem. :)
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    Back on Alldeaf! Hello everyone!

    Hey, l have logged back in recently after few years also. I was just curious what's new.
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    Deaf Dating Sites?

    If I may make a suggestion, I would look at the dates before replying to the post. That post was made 11 years ago.
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    Law Enforcement - Contact with Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing individuals

    At the bare minimum, learn the alphabet. You could communicate by spelling out words.
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    Approved for CI and have surgery date

    Awesome! What brand are you getting?