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  1. weekend

    Amber Alert!

    This man is free-person. :shock:
  2. weekend


    sidekick awful. Get something else without display swap. It will save your trouble.
  3. weekend

    If you owned the world...

    Own the world, huh? Hmm.... I am going to be like King who command all scam people to build me a world largest castle in the world.
  4. weekend

    Sidekick « Only $49 after rebate.
  5. weekend

    to xbox or not?

    Keeping buy that system, you will support for Mexico's life. :mrgreen:
  6. weekend

    worst system ever?

    You must be 13 years old who don't know jack about Nintendo stuff.
  7. weekend

    What is the cheapest Sidekick on the Internet?

    Sorry, there is offer for less than 35 bucks. :D
  8. weekend

    Computer pop-ups

    I hear there is spyware in Google's toolbar.
  9. weekend

    Computer pop-ups

    What about Netscape 7.1? It has built-in blocked pop-up ads.
  10. weekend

    worst system ever?

    Sega CD is horrible! Saturn is horrible! Sega 32-Bit is horrible! Virtual Boy is horrible! PSOne is horrible!
  11. weekend

    Vote 2004: Pros and Cons for BUSH

    Can't you merge on both thread and said "Bush vs. Wesley Clark" It make easy and simple to agrue which one is better or not.
  12. weekend

    Katzie goes bungee jumping

    Katzie should be on "Man Show".
  13. weekend


    use spray tool in photoshop, it can do the job so well than rather After Effect which is very expensive.
  14. weekend

    Mars Landing Tonight

    less 4 hours left for another rover arrive on Mars!
  15. weekend

    Field Trip

    I love field trip! My 4th grade, we went to beautfil white sandhill. Learn about small history about this place then we have fun on the sandhill. weee!
  16. weekend

    Ben Affleck & J.Lo split.....

    tsk tsk tsk, I feel sorry for them...
  17. weekend

    E-mail tips

    It doesn't matter. All e-mail have many different word to put to break the filter. For example... Breast is the basic word. Later, the Spammer found other way to get thru by use "br-EAST", "b-r-e-a-s-t", or "br3@$t". More and more. There are complex word to put together. Sometime, they put...
  18. weekend

    Super Bowl XXXVIII Pats vs. Cats

    Panthers will win.
  19. weekend

    Without judged to anyone

    So... if you have wife and you never judge on her having affair with other man? Geez, that could screw up.
  20. weekend

    Without judged to anyone

    Some people believe if nobody has judged anyone. The world could be peace. :dunno: