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  1. Royale

    Cruise ship runs aground off Italy, 3 dead

    Now Costa Concordia is being towed from the site where she struck reef, for port of Genoa where she will be scraped. She should arrive at the port this Sunday. People on island of Giglio is thrilled about it because the eyesore is about to be gone from the coast. Costa Concordia sets sail on...
  2. Royale

    North Carolina was nearly wiped out by two nuclear bombs in 1961.

    Declassified report: Two nuclear bombs nearly wiped out North Carolina - :shock: I am glad the bombs did not explode and radiate the state. I gotta buy the book!
  3. Royale

    Hello from DC metro area! Help!

    I know Gallaudet University is offering BA in Interpretation program so I think you might want to check there. :) A proud Gally alumni.
  4. Royale

    Man got arrested for shooting his gun at moon.

    Out of this world: Man shoots at the moon, gets arrested by PVPD - ABC15 Arizona :crazy: :laugh2:
  5. Royale

    Hello from Canada!

    Ottawa :)
  6. Royale

    Hello from Canada!

    Hello KerBear! welcome to AD. Which province are you from? I am in Ontario. :)
  7. Royale

    Mayfest Toronto 2014

    Cool. I saw some tweets about Mara and all of them were positive and/or good.
  8. Royale

    Texas police officer shot and killed 93 years old woman

    Texas mayor says police officer should be fired after fatally shooting 93-year-old woman | CTV News I do not know what to say except it is unacceptable to me.
  9. Royale

    Mayfest Toronto 2014

    Ugh I will miss you there. :( What are you doing there?
  10. Royale

    Man wants to marry his computer.

    Florida man demands right to wed computer - Telegraph :crazy: That is all what I want to say about him.
  11. Royale

    Lady had sex in airplane washroom while her parents were aboard

    Loud sex in plane's washroom halted by cabin crew | Weird | News | Ottawa Sun :laugh2:
  12. Royale

    Cashier replace to machine

    Remember the costs of living always keep raising... .. . . .. ...
  13. Royale

    Funny Gifs/Pics

    Watch the cat launch without front paws on ground. :cool2:
  14. Royale

    FCC plans $119 million fine alleged false billing cal trs provider

    repost i already made similar thread.
  15. Royale

    FCC fines Purple Communications $11.9 millions dollars for improper billing :shock: but not surprised. Please do unbiased and healthy discussions. Thanks.
  16. Royale

    Man arrested for exposing himself in park.

    Actually he should wait until this July because Mooney Bay beach and park holds the annual beach volleyball tournament which is one of the largest beach volleyball tournaments in world, for charity causes. And, it was real cold there at the time. I live about 15 minutes-long drive from the park.
  17. Royale

    Where is everyone from?

    I am originally from Newfoundland and Labrador. Now I am living in Ottawa.
  18. Royale

    Car dash cam can prove your guilt or innocense

    And insurance frauds too. You do not have to tell me to go to youtube because I watch Russian dash cam compilations every week. :)
  19. Royale

    Russia wants WWIII

    Russia is right now experiencing a recession after the sanctions are hitting them real hard. BBC News - Russia experiencing recession now, says IMF