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  1. Devyn231

    Walk of Fame

    Frisky thank you! More Deaf actors/actresses Hollywood Star on walk of fame they need, searching
  2. Devyn231

    Walk of Fame

    I was looking at Deaf actors/actresses for the Hollywood Walk of Fame and all I could find was Marlee Matlin . I was curious if anyone knows of others and others that need one there.
  3. Devyn231

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I'm such a procrastinator, lol!! I need to set up a skype account & practice with fellow students. I'll be going into my 3rd ASL semester in the Fall, and while I am getting the signs my Sign reading needs work. Reading fingerspelling isn't so bad but when I get a ton of spelled words I am in...
  4. Devyn231

    What game are you getting this year 2013?

    Elder Scrolls online... if it comes out :o
  5. Devyn231

    What do you currently play? (PC games)

    Wirelessly posted Bioshock looks like a good game. I should try that next lol
  6. Devyn231

    Deaf patient denied interpreter by Dundee Hospital

    I totally agree. That was so much the staffs fault. As stated "Mr Martin states: “Although hospital staff took steps to try to communicate with Ms A, at no point did they provide an interpreter. This was despite Ms A repeatedly pointing to a poster on the wall, which was for interpreter...
  7. Devyn231

    Are You Watching What You Eat?

    ALWAYS! lol!! March 2011 I weighed 287lbs. By March 2012 I dropped over 120lbs by watching what I ate, when I ate, and how I ate. I currently maintain my weight by doing that. Life is MUCH better with the effort I put into it. I try to keep my food low in sodium, high in protein, little to no...
  8. Devyn231

    How old were you...

    By the 3rd or 4th grade I was pretty sure I felt different than others. I guess I've always known I was different but wasn't sure what it ment at a young age. As I got older I pretty much fought against it until last year when I came out to friends and family. Life is SOOO much easier & am very...
  9. Devyn231

    Coming Out

    Coming out was more frightening than anything for me. Mostly due to worrying about how friends and family would be. So I fought against being me for years. Unhappily too, empty and rather blah. I had a very good experience with it when I did. Last year, on my birthday at the club I let my...
  10. Devyn231

    Is it bad that I only want to date deaf guys?

    Deaf, hearing, blind, purple, green... lol when I find him and we have that *spark* I'll date him in whatever shape/form he comes in :p
  11. Devyn231

    Michigan Native American Tribal Chairman Signs Gay Marriage Bill

    Very true. I'm in Muskegon, belong to a tribe as well... but yeah, I agree. MI could use the good news :)
  12. Devyn231

    What do you currently play? (PC games)

    Played WoW since it's release (sadly lol), enjoyed Diablo 1 and 2, Warcraft 3, Baulder's Gate series... now I find myself playing The Sims 3, Dragon Age Origins and Fall Out 3 and Skyrim. Love the single player open world RPGs. It let's me get that mmo feeling without dealing with crazy players...
  13. Devyn231

    World of Warcraft

    too many severs full of toons (facepalm) but am kinda weening myself off of it lol!
  14. Devyn231

    ASL learning tool for PC

    Just curious if anyone around might happen to know of any good programs, games for a computer that may help an ASL student such as myself. I love PC games and am in my 2nd semester of ASL and figure why not ask :)
  15. Devyn231

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Wirelessly posted Awesome, thank u very much Silent! And totally agree about wiping out what I know about English Grammar. The only 'good' practice I get in is w/study group of classmates once a week. It's rough working on it solo when not in class :)
  16. Devyn231

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Wirelessly posted I'll have to check this out too! I'm in my 2nd term of ASL, but getting frustrated most with grammar use :P
  17. Devyn231

    Hey there! ASL college student here...

    Wirelessly posted Hello!!! I can relate! lol first semester here almost done in ASL, smalllll town too! Drove 2hrs today to attend my first deaf event gathering. Welcome to Alldeaf :P
  18. Devyn231

    What did you learn today?

    Wirelessly posted Learned i need a lot more practice in asl! Attended my first deaf gathering & went far better than i thought. Was mostly just nervous, outta control fright! But it was great!!!! :P
  19. Devyn231

    What are you doing right now?

    Wirelessly posted Rwwar! Downloadin my Sims seasons! lol im such a nerd :P
  20. Devyn231

    What did you learn today?

    Wirelessly posted I learned how to create a power point presentation for my sociology class! Btw im not computer friendly lol!!!