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    The Hobbit!

    Well I really enjoyed the movie. The 3D wasn't too much for me. (To give you an idea of my tolerance level, I can NOT play halo) I thought that it was well done and didn't leave too much out. Better than the Two Towers. which makes it difficult to be mad that it's being split into three films...
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    Get surprised by people being nice?

    I was auditioning with my saxophone once and had a technical problem less than an hour before my audition while I was still warming up and a random guy walked over and spent some of his valuable time before his audition to help me fix my sax. :) Another time I got a frog stuck in my seat belt...
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    The Hobbit!

    oh dear. I'm nervous now because I am going to see the 3D film at midnight tonight! lol.. oh well. Already paid for so I'm committed.
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    I was way too uptight growing up to have the nerve to dance. Not so much anymore though. I do the "hot dog dance" (Mickey Mouse dance) at least once a week with my son. Right now though.. I could really dance (divorce is final!). In fact, I'm going to dance myself into the shower this minute...
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    Last movie(s) you purchased?

    Toy Story 3 as a stocking stuffer for my little boy. :)
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    For the second nights a row

    With my dog I have to put the pill in his mouth and hold his mouth shut until he swallows it, nothing would fool him. He isn't a big dog though. He's small and fluffy. I had a german shepherd mix before and had to do the same thing to get her to take her pill, after a few times of doing that...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Bonfire plans and get-togethers with friends coming up this week. Also I have to rewrap my nieces present that my toddler so thoughtfully unwrapped. lol. At least he is getting in some good practice for the big day!
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    The Hobbit!

    I've never quite wished so much for a love button on this site before but I LOVED that post, Bott!
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    The Person Below Me

    Long distance call, yes! (but with Cell phone.. no extra charges) but not for merry christmas (yet) TPBM is not putting up Christmas lights this year.. and hasn't for the past several years. :lol:
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    The Hobbit!

    :hmm: I am shocked there is no Hobbit thread on here. I haven't reread for the film yet because a friend "borrowed" the book a few years ago.:roll:. I have been waiting for this movie since 2000 (when I first read the series)!! The cast seems decent and I think it will be good. I never...
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    Am I the only one?

    haha... why couldn't you just be unobservant?
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    Hello, I am back... again...

    Hello, I'm back too. Didn't have time to sit for a couple of months. :) Anyway, welcome back!
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    I want to be a guinea pig

    Well... There is supposed to be a 1978 Jeep Cheroke in Northfield Illinois.. but it's listed at $13,995. If you're crazy enough to be interested here is a link. Used Beige 1978 Jeep Cherokee for sale in Northfield Illinois at My only question: Is your refrigerator running??? lol
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    Finally, a great comparison of what hearing thru a CI is like..

    I suppose CI or no CI it's between him and his family (depending on whether he is underage or not) but I can't see how refusing to allow him access to a language that would connect him with others who could understand would do anyone any good. :/ I hope he learns to stand up for himself.
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    Kentucky restaurant shut down after roadkill found in kitchen

    Hm.. was it freshly hit? Vennison makes for a decent dish. :giggle:
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    I'm thinking that I could have a better paying job by the end of the week, and I've cleaned the house so throughly that I can't think of anything else to clean. We've been having some nice rain, and the grass looks nice. Fall is in the air.. and stress has it's place and purpose but its got no...
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    What did you learn today?

    They are nifty little pocket sized cases that are that open with tiny little dolls that are inside. The cases doubled as the setting for the doll (house.. gem filled casle.. school.. etc). They don't make that kind anymore though. Apparently haven't for a long time and I was just under a rock. lol
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    Finally, a great comparison of what hearing thru a CI is like..

    wow. Pretty intense thread. :eek3: but it was great insight into both views of the CI.:hmm: so... thanks everyone!:wave: Also, I was honestly curious when I opened this thread about what the CI sounds like. I have gathered that it changes over time to become clearer (also dependent...
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    Driverless cars now street california.

    I had the misfortune of being in the back seat of a car with a lady looking at facebook, text messaging and eating a taco at the same time. I decided she wasn't reasonable enough to try to reason with and just sat back and prayed. I made it back alive but still... :jaw: