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  1. RickL66

    Google Hangouts receive sign language interpreter support

    Google Hangouts receive sign language interpreter support, keyboard shortcuts Google Hangouts receive sign language interpreter support, keyboard shortcuts
  2. RickL66

    No more Relay Operators or CA's !!

    Checked your website.. Huh? $5 a month for what?
  3. RickL66

    Which VP do you use?

    Why don't you just use the same login for your nTouch PC on those two laptops and at work? That will cut you down to 3 numbers and same accessibility.
  4. RickL66

    FCC Announces New Rules for 800/866/877 Numbers No Longer Free

    You realize this is an old post that someone dug up? :cool2:
  5. RickL66

    CSDVRS fined $1.4 Million dollars

    They are still certified. They pretty much got a slap on the wrist with a fine. Their fine was $480,000 but they volunteered to pay an additional $900,000. Maybe that is their way of apologizing and hoping the FCC will not snoop any more to find more wrong-doing? Just a wild guess...
  6. RickL66

    CSDVRS fined $1.4 Million dollars PDF File:
  7. RickL66

    Save My VRS

    Exactly how I see it too. It's ZVRS who is whining.
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    Save My VRS

    See VRSCA's message: VRSCA
  9. RickL66

    Larry Fitzgerald's passion for photography and helping others hear

    Larry Fitzgerald is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. This story is more about his passion for photography, but also talks briefly about how he helped fit over 14,000 hearing aids to the impoverished (with a couple pictures). Larry Fitzgerald's passion for photography rivals his NFL...
  10. RickL66

    Purple kick butt again

    Your link is from 2008. An appropriate and current one is here: Oh no, Ojo! Video phone maker and iTV company WorldGate files for bankruptcy - FierceCable
  11. RickL66

    Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Max Go apps for iOS updated with support for closed captions

    More good news for us that rely on captions... Hulu Plus, HBO Go and Max Go apps for iOS updated with support for closed captions -- Engadget
  12. RickL66

    Linux OS question

    Unless you use Anywhere - you can make VRS calls from within Linux using just a browser and your webcam. *Disclaimer, even though I have a spare computer running Ubuntu 12.04, I have not tried Convo Anywhere personally myself.
  13. RickL66

    New product for 911 Ctrs and Univ security offices

    I saw that on the news the other day, here's a link: 911 to Let Users Send Text, Photo, Video to Emergency Service |
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    Windows 8 Beta (Consumer Preview)

    If you like or prefer the "classic" look with the start button in the lower-left corner, you can tweak Windows 8 to look a little more like the previous versions of Windows. Click here
  15. RickL66

    Snap shot TV deaf aids

    Any DVR can do that. DVR=Digital Video Recorder, Dish Network, DirecTV, and most cable companies provide a DVR these days.
  16. RickL66

    Cat knows to get attention and sign "eat"
  17. RickL66


    Your Rainforest sample is irrelevant - this is a media server that converts videos to FLV on the server side and then the user views videos with flash. That is very different from VP streaming.
  18. RickL66

    TTY to TTY (PC Software)

    If this is for internal (deaf) employees to contact you, you could use some kind of online chat program such as gtalk, aim, etc. I can't think of anyone making or selling TTY software anymore. There used to be FuturaTTY back in the old days, but you would also need a Baudot modem. Another option...
  19. RickL66

    Young Castle Rock heroes recognized for bravery

    7-year old deaf boy calls 911 after dad has seizure. News Press: News
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    FCC Notice for Further Proposed Rulemaking