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  1. cyanse

    Do you guys embrace your hearing loss/deafness?!

    Why not, there’s nothing to be ashamed of anyway. That certain thing helps a lot so be proud of it. I don’t mind other people; they can have their own if they wanted.:dj:
  2. cyanse

    What Anime Have You Watched Lately?

    Thinkerbell’s Adventure in 3D and the Lion King, a moment to reminisce the Disney’s famous animated movie.:dance:
  3. cyanse

    Interesting article about deaf culture

    This is great and an informative one, an article that must read by everyone to understand those who had this kind of disability. I hope to see one tackling about the Braille reading for the vision impaired individual.:ty:
  4. cyanse

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    a bed, comfy comforter, feather like pillows – to make it short “I – wanna - sleep” (-,-):zzz:
  5. cyanse

    Breathing noises

    This is a lot embarrassing than what you guys feel, for instance when laughing you made this pig like sound as if you’re grasping for breath. [Ashamed]