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  1. deafaussie

    Sorenson Commuications HQ For Sale

    No, Sorenson Communications is not selling commercial property. They ARE LEASING the whole building for the next 4 years. Its the investment or property owners are selling it. Does not change anything relating to Sorenson. . . .
  2. deafaussie

    MMR - Australian VRS

    Improvement, yes. However what about the platform they use into the future. I dont like the idea of using Skype because it is a proprietary and closed platform. They need to move to SIP based platform. its open and can be shared with many various software and hardware based telephony.
  3. deafaussie

    Home Health Care refuses to provide interpreter

    Pardon me if I already digging up this old thread but I'd thought you should know. My wife is an interpreter working for various of interpreting agencies. She went to an assignment to interpret for a dentist delivering dental care on a Deaf patient. Dental assistant and office manager...
  4. deafaussie

    Gun Expert Lott: Let Teachers Carry Arms, Ban Gun-Free Zones to Halt Mass Shootings

    Israeli Model In Israel prior to 1970's Many terrorists and bombers had terrorized kids by shooting and blowing up inside schools. Israeli Government had passed law entrusting teachers and administrators who had served 2 years mandatory military service be armed with M16 assault rifle slinged...
  5. deafaussie

    CSDVRS fined $1.4 Million dollars

    FCC and ZVRS had reached settlement on terms that ZVRS did not follow rules and acknowledges that ZVRS did not commit Fraud. 3 separate issues causing ZVRS to pay back to FCC treasury fund. 1/ ZVRS did comply rules requiring ZVRS employees not to use their numbers for billing purposes. Use...
  6. deafaussie

    Doctor--no interpreter!

    My wife is an interpreter and had just informed me that her appointment was to interpret for a Deaf patient in gum graft surgery. No pun intended, she never told me who, where and whatever can violate privacy issues. Anyway, a surgeon told my wife any patient with Medi-Cal or anyone on SSI...
  7. deafaussie

    data usage on mobile phone

    Yes I know and I am referring to ANOTHER DEVICE. I have 5 lines in my ATT account. For this thread. My iPhone 4s 1.2GB and 3G Hotspot device that shares other devices wirelessely (WiFi) 10GB.
  8. deafaussie

    data usage on mobile phone

    ATT iPhone 4s. 1245.56MB for this month. I had been watching too much Netflix. In next few days, I will expect a bill showing at least 10GB of data usage on my mobile 3G hotspot device. My wife had been using too much in making video calls to me from Washington D.C. ATT had emailed me...
  9. deafaussie

    Sorenson vs ZVRS

    I don't think that is funny. No promises were delivered from Sorenson Communications. No iPad. No such a thing about gifts and incentives to lure former Sorenson customers back. In rare circumstances they do get small HDTV and thats pretty much it. The only loss the VRS customer is the...
  10. deafaussie

    Diss Purple and join ZVRS

    Purple had changed employment policy on hiring and retaining independant contractors (installers, trainers and consultants). I was one of them that had to walk away from Purple because they offered full time positions for same role for 20% of my pay where I am working full time with different...
  11. deafaussie

    Sorenson vs ZVRS

    I notice you like to hijack threads that are not relevant to the topic being discussed. Please open a new thread and I will tell you whats happened to me and Purple HQ
  12. deafaussie

    Sorenson vs ZVRS

    Yes thats true, because ZVRS had an unexpected demand of VRS calls and are opening up to and inculding 5 new additional call centers. Right now, they are actively seeking and recruiting highly trained and certified interpreters to work for them. So give a week or two and the Average Speed of...
  13. deafaussie

    Sorenson ntouch

    Yes, I agree with you for profit corporations can write off taxes due to debt but it had to be followed specific rules at IRS allowing corporations to write off taxes. Many cant and had to saddle debt. As for Sorenson is the only provider owing 3/4 of a billion dollars in debt which is...
  14. deafaussie

    Gun Law

    Before Supreme Court decision on McDonald -v- State of Chicago. Yes but only in Federal level. To the Cities and States its a privilege to own a gun and liberals can make up laws restricting gun ownership as they see fit. Judges in Supreme court in McDonald -v- City of Chicago case handed...
  15. deafaussie

    Sentencing tomorrow for John TC Yeh of Viable

    I believe today is the sentencing day and had been looking for information in court websites, and other websites. Nothing I can find and is curious to know of the sentencing handed down by a Judge?
  16. deafaussie

    Sorenson vs ZVRS

    I agree with you but we still don't know the actual cost of VP200, ASSUMING if Sorenson decides to sell to public. Engineering costs? Component costs? Labor costs? Build costs? These numbers are tightly sealed and are being kept at Sorenson. My best personal estimate would be around 500.00...
  17. deafaussie

    Sorenson vs ZVRS

    I agree with you TechBill, unfortunately, Many people still doesn't realize in that way. Its a customer going to a bank to sign loan paperwork to obtain a loan to buy a car and had expected an interest rate of 7.54% but they were screaming about 9.21% APR and 21% late charges. They got...
  18. deafaussie

    Sorenson vs ZVRS

    my VLOG on Porting Click here to view my video blog on Porting and VRS
  19. deafaussie

    Sorenson vs ZVRS

    Nope. they are not jealous at Sorenson. Its a business decision for many obvious reasons. 1500 dollars videophone. Not cheap! ZVRS wants to ensure these are well invested to their company bottom line. Sorenson's well known business practices in pulling customers back to S! I am not...