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  1. EagleCherokee63

    Murdered Pastor Found Naked in Crucifix Position

    My husband's late grandparent lived there before. I felt stronger that from KKK. Few other towns and other states had some KKK group there. Sometimes, My husband and I drive there from my home about 45 mins.
  2. EagleCherokee63

    Economy matter to us?

    Amen! I am faithful and Trust Lord!
  3. EagleCherokee63

    Are ghosts real?

    LOL! SURE! No plm! I watched 1 and 2 Rings and Fingerprints rent movie. It very freak me out! I not like watch monster movie etc like that. Maria, I know I not understand why girl little ghost met me. God had a good reason for that. I NEVER EXPECT THAT!!! That's why I went to counselor with...
  4. EagleCherokee63

    What is your favorite "CEREALS"?

    My favorite snack Lucky Charm! Most of time I like K's with vanilla with almond.. I used Honey Nut Cheerios, Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal and Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal before. I vomited it. I quit it. After I like K's with vnilla with almond.
  5. EagleCherokee63

    Are ghosts real?

    Interesting! I know now, I checked it out my Deaf Heritage A Narrative History of Deaf America book about John Gough. Yes, it is there! page 267 and 268 He retired to Pittwillow farm in Pennsylvania. He was worked film CC.
  6. EagleCherokee63

    Pres. Bush s finanical crisis

    Pray that hope work it out! Keep Faith! Cant blame president and not count on George W.
  7. EagleCherokee63

    Do you really want expensive future car?

    me too not interesting expensive or fancy any cars or Suv. If accident it waste money! It is very important need ride. I bought new a Patriot Jeep 2008! I love it so much!
  8. EagleCherokee63

    Have you ever ride on Cruise?

    I was first time ride Cruise in 2006. I loved it so much. I wanted go someday again! I missed it. I take camera picture 750 counts!! few videos. Went to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. REQUIRED!!! check your bags and passport , your birth certificated and your drive license...
  9. EagleCherokee63

    Are ghosts real?

    I found out Helen's sister Susan died too. I will go to Court downtown soon. I am looking her relatives. I found out Her dad moved to Washington DC from Sulphur, OK. went to worked Closed Caption set it up in TV. I not sure it yet.
  10. EagleCherokee63

    8-08-08 today!

    Yesterday, I won 80 dollars in slots in casino.
  11. EagleCherokee63

    new black and PINK bb curve!!

    Pink!!! I have one BB Curve grey... Where you get one? I can order skin pink for BB. LOL! I love PPPPIIIIINNNNKKK too!! Pic here that my favorite pink flower collection..
  12. EagleCherokee63

    Howdy from Oklahoma

    :welcome: Too, I live Norman, Okla. My husband and I went to restaurant where Amish's place there while We went to see my family in Muskogee, OK. True! It very delicious!!!In Kansas, We met Amish the people community that they are very lovely and bright! We bought some meats from Amish's grocery...
  13. EagleCherokee63

    Just got a new digital camera!

    :angel: Thank you! :angel:
  14. EagleCherokee63

    If You Love Daniel and Chelsea At Days Of Our Lives

    Last week, I watched it and not know them who and new some people because since last 2 yrs I quit watched DOOL. Before that I watched DOOL for 16 yrs. I lost interesting it.
  15. EagleCherokee63

    ATT/Sprint/TMobile (Customer service)

    I use BB Sprint a month now. I used T-Mobile 6 yrs. When I had a with SK 2 before and lot problem. I cut it off last month. I am very happy with BB Curve 8330 in Sprint. NO PLM!!! :angel:
  16. EagleCherokee63

    Vpad WiFi at Star Buck Coffee

    You r right! I went to Starbuck coffee. I asked them about this. They said pay 2 hrs. I dropped it there no free wifi. free wi-fi hotspots wifi cafes coffee shops hotels airports RV Parks
  17. EagleCherokee63

    Just got a new digital camera!

    Last month I bought a new camera. It very cool waterproof good one here I use this for my purse somewhere. It easy for me. I not want bring too heavy other Sony camera. • 8.0 megapixels • 3x optical zoom • 2.5” LCD screen • Digital image stabilizer • Face tracking • Shockproof/waterproof...
  18. EagleCherokee63

    las vegas-are you gambling person?

    LOL! Yea!! I DANCE WON!! I just put $20.00 in slots and HIT JACKPOT!!! I won $12,000.00 Last Feb. I bought new all furniture in my living room and all DEBT out other bills, also saving for new TV flat 45 or 50 inch soon. I like slots! I am PRO SLOTS! not poker! chick!! Maybe Next year My...
  19. EagleCherokee63

    Sept. 11 victims pursue bin Laden family fortune

    Good! You knew truth it. Funny one thing that Bush DENIED!!!