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    Hey! Read below⬇

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    Reintroduce myself

    :wave: Welcome! Hope to see you around on here.
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    Hello all Deaf world

    Welcome! :wave:
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    Not sure what to do

    I agree with what Angel is saying here. I think before you try to depend on anybody else you first need to learn to find strength in yourself and then lean on others. Sadly, most other people will disappoint you if you open up too much and show them everything. They may not know how to handle...
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    Loneliness Is More Dangerous Than We Thought

    It was interesting indeed. Dr. Sanjay Gupta was also featured talking about research he did about loneliness and the physical effects it can have on an individual, particularly if they experience loneliness chronically. I think a lot of people feel lonely but never admit it or tell anybody...
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    Loneliness Is More Dangerous Than We Thought

    There was a bit about this on Piers Morgan the other night with Oprah. Did you happen to catch it RR?
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    Question about sign names

    I had a small group of friends who were deaf and we all went to the same school together for 6 years. In the earlier years my name sign changed three times; the one I finally got (and the one that stuck) had to do with how my name is pronounced out loud. That being said, Anij is totally right...
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    Family wants to keep life support for girl brain dead after tonsil surgery

    It's a really sad and unfortunate situation in my opinion. I understand grief and everything but obviously the girl they love is just not there anymore. I know they're upset but at this point I would think seeing her go down hill would be even more upsetting and would cause the mother to...
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    A.distracting terp?

    I agree! Neon nail polish looks pretty unprofessional for anybody I think. Especially with the really long, fake nails. :ugh:
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    A.distracting terp?

    You're right, the niqab is the name for the garment that covers the face. Definitely wouldn't try wearing that whole signing. :lol: That's really interesting! Generally speaking, there's a really severe lack of people who know how to sign in the Muslim community so I wonder how she learned...
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    A.distracting terp?

    Hello all! Long time lurker here with a question! :wave: If you had an interpreter that dressed differently due to religious reasons (specifically a Muslim woman wearing a head scarf/hijab) would this be distracting to you and/or would you be less likely to use that interpreter again? I am...
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    Looking for friends!

    That's so weird because I thought about moving to Minnesota before. Where in Kentucky did you live?
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    Name Signs

    That does sound like a name sign that would stick around. My old one isn't very unique like that and I have some more physically distinguishing characteristics so we'll see if I get a new one based on that I guess.
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    Name Signs

    Thanks so much!
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    Name Signs

    **I'm pretty sure I posted this in the right place but if not feel free to move it. Sorry!** I was given a sign name years ago but the group of friends that gave it to me all moved away for college (pause for sadness :() and I was wondering if I would keep this name sign and use it when...
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    Looking for friends!

    Thank you!
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    French Mag to Publish Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

    France doesn't really have a great track record in their relations with Islam and Muslims in the first place. They've made it incredibly difficult for Muslims, even going as far as to outlaw the niqab for women who choose to wear it. That being said, this is unfortunately not surprising.
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    Looking for friends!

    Nice to meet you! :)
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    Looking for friends!

    Nice to meet you too and thank you!