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  1. crymar09

    "asl" songs on YouTube

    I know what you mean about all of this. I watch those videos all the time but wonder if deaf/hoh people even understand. I just watched that second video and it gives the basic idea of the song. I enjoyed it. I guess it depends on how you look at it. If someone wanted the details of the song...
  2. crymar09

    New and overwhelmed

    This is a pretty excellent thread. I'm hearing so if you want to throw my opinion out, I understand. OP, I say just research, research, research. If I were you, I'd try to read up on blogs from people who were in your son's shoes once; dhh child with hearing parents. I see posts a lot from...
  3. crymar09

    Do you like spicy food?

    Thanks for the advice! I've been dying to try it lately. I'll have to remember that naan bread and ask them what they think is mild. :hmm:
  4. crymar09

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Okay, I got Skype set up. If anyone wants to practice ASL, add me there or message me here. Username is the same crymar09. I also have oovoo and Tango. I sign a bit now but in English word order. I start ASL 1 next month. So you can hit me up now to practice, or in a couple of months when I have...
  5. crymar09

    Hello, new member

    Hello. Welcome. Thanks for joining. :)
  6. crymar09

    LGBT Floridians

    Idk why I always thought there was a large deaf/hoh population in Tampa... I guess I was really wrong. I'm living in Ocala right now. I have family moving there in a few months and I'll be moving there around this time next year. I'm hearing but I'll keep you posted if I come across anything...
  7. crymar09

    Do you like spicy food?

    I like foods with some warmth to them. I feel so not cultured because I've wanted to try Indian food but haven't. I feel like when it's painful though, it's not enjoyable. I just like a jalapeno degree of heat. I love making my spaghetti with all sorts of fixings like broccoli, cucumber...
  8. crymar09

    New from FL

    Hey everyone, my name's Crystal and I just joined yesterday. I'm hearing and have been learning bits of sign for a couple of years now. Finally got into an ASL course at my local college and I plan to go pretty far with it... I found this site when I was searching for people who wanted to...
  9. crymar09

    I like ASL more than talking?

    I kind of get what you mean though; wishing that people knew some sign. I'm just starting out but I find myself sometimes signing something first before or while I'm speaking it. Quick things like "thank you" or "no". I usually catch myself before I can finish it but it comes easier sometimes.
  10. crymar09

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I'm also learning ASL on my own and could use all the practice I can get. I don't have Skype right now but I have Tango. I've tried PMing some of you but it says I don't have enough privileges...?? Maybe I'm too new? So if you wanna Tango and practice you can email me