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  1. sablescort

    Anyone tested out the new 3D cc glasses in MOVIE THEATER?

    Have anyone been given an opportunity to test out Sony's 3D glasses with cc built in? Last week me and my friend went to the theater to watch Tron Legacy in 3D with the prototype glasses. I can say it was awesome doing that test. The cc displayed in the glasses are green dot matrix...
  2. sablescort

    Malawi to debate public farting ban

    What if a malawi cop farted in public does he get off scoot free and e civilians get punished? To me its nuts have they forgotten that animals does fart too?
  3. sablescort

    "Angry Birds" game

    <----addicted to angry birds hd on my ipad. Right now im on level 3-7 on the first episode. Sometimes when some levels seem so impossible ...time to toss in a can of sardines and booom! The mighty eagle shows up but once i get successful with the eagle i have to wait an hour til he shows up...
  4. sablescort

    Brag about your car's miles!

    Rodeo is at 130k now. I only drove 15k on it for the past 2 years since I bought it at 115k miles ago. Gotta fix a nasty oil leak soon cuz i hate pouring oil down every 1.5k miles... ZX2 Escort is at 160k miles and im getting rid of it as I dont need it right now Im looking to either junk...
  5. sablescort

    iPhone / iPad / iTouch Games?

    Get your mitts on infinity blade from the geniuses behind gears of war and unreal series. Its awesome to just use a finger to do sword battles in a medevial castle :)
  6. sablescort

    Gran Turismo 5

    I used to play a lot of the GT series up to GT5 Prologue. Since then i have been playing forza 3 for the 360 and i began to find it a lot more superior to the gt series. Even though i have the ps3 id rather play forza 4 than GT5 cause Pthe physics and car customization is more realistic on...
  7. sablescort

    NFS Hot Pursuit

    <----playing NFS HP on xbox360 and loving it esp with my dream car the McLaren MP4-12C Its way better than the old NFS games involving cop chases.
  8. sablescort

    Different brand of tires

    On my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo is a set of Kumho tires. They really lasted longer than the goodyear eagles that was on my zx2 escort when it was new.
  9. sablescort

    Any girl gamers?

    Guess im training my daughters to be more awesome girl gamers than their poor old daddy lol. Right now im on my 3rd xbox 360 and original PS3 and the girls got their wii. Ill let em play the wii until its time for em to level up to the 360. I guess the girls will look at a atari2600...
  10. sablescort

    What Are You Reading Right now?

    Right now im reading 20k leagues under the sea by Jules Verne that came as free classic on the kobo literati ereader my mother gave me for xmas. The first book I read on my ipad was "The Madoff Chronicles" by Brian Ross telling about Bernie Madoff and his 170 billion bux scam.
  11. sablescort

    Acer Iconia 14-inch Dual-Touchscreen Notebook

    If the acier was sold as apple id buy one but forget windows for me esp with the dual touchscreens....
  12. sablescort

    What did you learn today?

    Ive learned quite a LOT this week esp when it comes to both my daughter and my ipad lol. 1) I found out my daughter might be a future america idol contestant. 2) My ipad has began to teach me how to tell BIll Gates to go fuck hisself lol.... I cant believe in my 13 or so years on the...
  13. sablescort

    I'm the ghost from the past..

    Yah been quite a while. oh the car? Right now its been sitting dead in my back yard and im about to get it junked sooner or later.
  14. sablescort

    Who got snow?

    Ended up with a white xmas for first time in 30 or so years. Feels weird to have a huge snow dump today...
  15. sablescort

    I'm the ghost from the past..

    Hey sg...its been a long time since u was in ad. Same thing for me except i was out for several months cuz i destoryed my laptop. Looks like the older members are coming back one by one...
  16. sablescort

    Italian cop car=OWNED

    The cops must been playing too much NFS HP game that their sense of reality got distorted....bam! That's gonna be one hell of a body shop bill ouch! Now, that's gonna add 500 bounty to the speeder for knocking cop off the road lol....
  17. sablescort

    OK, it is Christmas Eve; who is still up???

    Well just got up. Been waiting for santa to show up but i fell asleep before i could catch him lol. Anyways happy holidays :)
  18. sablescort

    Disney refuse to hire

    amen to that. Disney is only interested if the guy had ABILITIES and QUALIFICATIONS that he can handle the job. That reminds me about Walmart having many deaf ppl working in the stores or DC's. They are extremely PICKY like Disney and interested only in people who want to stay long term...
  19. sablescort

    Microsoft unveils Kinect motion controller

    I like it cause if it was wii, Id have to either buy a new TV or replace my windows cause I threw the controller in the wrong direction even if it was handcuffed to my wrist!
  20. sablescort

    Brag about your car's miles!

    Yes that is right. less than 75k miles or 125k km on the odometer is puny compared to taking your car further than the factory ever thought it could be capable. remember ONLY over 75,000 miles or 125,000 km qualifies the car for this thread... The 75,000 mile threshold was set cause of...