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  1. purplecatty

    FCC fines Purple Communications $11.9 millions dollars for improper billing

    Not news to me. Used to work for ZVRS and my former boss told me that FCC is watching all VRS for cheating. He told me that we should never cheat. Real problem is those who above him. He explained that not only ZVRS/Purple, other VRS did same. It's basically CEO just being greedy and tried to...
  2. purplecatty

    Linux users! use CloudVRS or Convo Link

    Hey to Linux User!:cool2: Cloud VRS (either ZVRS or Purple) or Convo Link. We can now use VP chat on Browser base VRS service.. (I have used Convo long time ago when they started Browser base VRS and my Linux works well with it. I can't remember how long ago but when the first started, I...
  3. purplecatty


    sComm now have newer UbiDuo 3 and it's so much better. I used to work at sComm for nearly 2 years as IT Helpdesk (repair, setup, update any computers at sComm) and I was just the IT Contractor for sComm. I never did apply for this job, CEO and CIO texted me and begged me to join cuz of my...
  4. purplecatty

    Any Deaf Linux users?

    Hey ya! Anyone using Linux or have running Tuxbox? I do have Tuxbox running on MX Linux (currently using AD on Tuxbox) I have moderate knowledge on Linux ( I use terminal sometime). I was wanting to get together for Linux discussion..:rockon::rockon: Catty
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    Back on Alldeaf! Hello everyone!

  6. purplecatty

    Nucleus 7 value help

    Don't bother selling Sound Processor itself. Sell external parts. Because Sound Processor is permanently locked to Patient account and Audiologist refuse to remap for someone else if bought it. Audiologist have full control and if they find it stolen from patient database (usually they plugs...
  7. purplecatty

    AB Harmony Processor For Sale

    You can't sell CI processor itself. Because of Cochlear Americas removed warranty if sold to someone else, no one want to have that without warranty. Kanso easily get lost easily if not careful. That's why no one are willing to pay $1,400 on that. Secondly, it WILL become obsolete in 3 years...
  8. purplecatty

    Sale: Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor

    Be warned, Do not buy used Sound Processor. All Sound processors are coded (locked to patient's account permanently) and Audiologist will not remap Sound processor if you bought it from someone else. You can argue with Audiologist till you're blue, they have right to refuse to remap. They are...
  9. purplecatty

    Cochlear N7 Nucleus 7 in brown, full package brand new.

    You can sell external parts but not N7 Sound processor and don't sell rechargeable battery too because of its short lifespan. The real issue is that Audiologist/Doctor tend to replace remapping equipment every 3 years and any older Cochlear Sound Processor are immediately obsolete, only parts (...
  10. purplecatty

    Stay at home job

    sComm (They sells Ubi Duo) offer stay at home job as Representative ( Rep) for out of state. I used to work for sComm as IT Helpdesk (fix, replace or setup computers, I know how Business functions) and many Reps across the state works at home and whenever CEO decide to send some Reps to go to...
  11. purplecatty

    Wells Fargo Discrimination!!

    Well Fargo had been known to discriminate Deaf. I don't have bank account under them. It's the loans that I had for new carpet and also other stuff from my house. It's the contractor that have Well Fargo loan form that I had to fill out. After that and my wife tried to pay monthly...
  12. purplecatty

    Deaf Motorcycle Discussion

    Hey Deaf Bikers!, What happened to A Motorcycle Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Just wonder what happened. It's been a long while.:rockon::rockon: Bump! :bump::bump: Catty
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    I have operator license to operate forklift and many powered equipments such as Genie, JLG lift, forked riders, speeder (it's like forked rider but longer forks and have steering by wire) and Tug. I never had any issue. I'm 100% Deaf and don't need CI (I have CI but never wears it). Eyeing...
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    Back on Alldeaf! Hello everyone!

    Same here!
  15. purplecatty

    Back on Alldeaf! Hello everyone!

    I'm retired and have all day for myself. Yes I did remember this site, I tried to log back in last summer and forgot password. Tried to reset but it was complicated method so Admin gave me hint that they were upgrading system. Finally I went back and sure enough I was able to reset password...
  16. purplecatty

    Firefly xeon flasher for PurpleVRS

    I have 4 of them (Master and Slave), It appears that Purple no longer use it. I am now messing with it and trying to hack it. Wonder if anyone know which software that works with bluetooth serial. I am able to connect Firefly on phone or PC bluetooth no problem. Just that it need software...
  17. purplecatty

    Back on Alldeaf! Hello everyone!

    Was member of Alldeaf back in 2007 something and I stopped because I got busy. Now I'm retired and able to chat anyone! Wonder if any Old members still here?? Hello everyone!!
  18. purplecatty

    Deaf Linux users

    Hey to all, Anyone using Linux? I uses MX Linux. Let me know! Thanks!
  19. purplecatty

    CloudVP on Linux

    Hey to all those who are Linux user. I tried to use and logged in. Video works fine but tiny bit laggy. When I called and terp told me that my video is laggy.. I was on Firefox browser and Chrome (google chrome installed for Linux) and also Brave, all same results. While on...