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    From hearing aids to cochlear implants

    Well, when my hearing loss was only severe hearing aids worked just dandy. I personally liked my first set of analogs better than any digitals I ever had. But once you get into profound hearing aids just aren’t very helpful so the difference between hearing aids and CIs are night and...
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    Yes, completely. But not Deaf, late deafened. I have a CI

    Yes, completely. But not Deaf, late deafened. I have a CI
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    How Does Being Deaf Help You?

    I wouldn't call it a benefit......because I'd rather not hearing not be an option but lemons and all that. One day last week I was doing a couples massage with another therapist. The man my coworker was working on fell asleep. Omg his snoring was hilarious. SOOOO loud, like, it was a cartoon...
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    It is a doozie!!! I had to do like 6 hours of massage the day after mine. Ooouuuuch!!!!! All of sudden I'm thinking ice might help. I might just be thinking that because mine got hot red and swollen. Inflammation does that and ice is supposed to help with that.
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    Baha, Ci, Which One? Audi Has Me Confused!

    A stapedectomy could give you back some of your conductive hearing. I HAD to have a stapedectomy before we tried a CI because it's a less invasive surgery that insurance would want to try first. The hope being that it would get my hearing up to a level that hearing aids would help again. We...
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    No such thing

    No such thing
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    Phones & Has And Cis

    I have a compilot but it doesn't work. I'm not overly concerned about though. I do well on the phone with my CI if I put on speaker phone, as long as the person isn't from like India or something. I should practice with one of my kids to figure out where to hold the phone where the sound is...
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    I have the Q70, but I have the programming for the 90 in my second slot. However I never use it, not a huge fan, I keep on slot one with 70s software.
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    That's all very normal. During my activation I actually said "OMG I sound like Minny Mouse!! It's so high!!!" Then "I'm not going to want to talk" then much laughing. Having to lip read at first also totally normal. You have to realize they're starting you off with very very little volume. It...
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    How Do You Wake Up For Work?

    Another Sonic Boom with bed shaker user here. I've had mine for 5 or 6 years.
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    Cis Are Not The Only Hearing Implants

    I thought BAHAS were just for bone conduction loss. It's not always the degree of hearing loss that's a factor for devices but kinds of hearing loss, bone conduction or sensorineural.
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    Idioms... Idioms... Idioms...

    How did you even FIND this thread :D thing is almost as old as my kids.
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    I Feel Bad For Being Hard Of Hearing

    Confidential wouldn't be a bad thing for this guy to be. But seriously everybody's got issues man, you may have been given a cactus but you don't have to sit on it. No sense making life harder than it already is by focusing on thing that make you feel negatively. I'm not going to tell you snap...
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    Nc Deaf Man Shot While Trying To Asl

    But they don't run your license until you've already been pulled over and have given it to them. Simple enough to just tell them at that point, hell its the first thing outta my mouth. It's not they can run that while they're driving down the road and you haven't even given it to them yet..... I...
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    Nc Deaf Man Shot While Trying To Asl

    Holy crap!!! For an attorney she's woefully ignorant of the freaking law.
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    Nc Deaf Man Shot While Trying To Asl

    That is sooooo not okay. What's this person's "expertise"?
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    Is There A Good Way To Respond As A Hearing Person When Someone Tells You They Are D/deaf?

    Whatever you do don't say "I'll pray for you"......that'll earn you a throat punch.
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    It's in Southlake. If you have friends around there that'd be AWESOME!!! It's far north Fort Worth, hmmm probably closer to Dallas than Fort Worth now that I'm thinking about it. If you know anyone in that area inbox me, I'll tell you the name of it :)
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    Ci Rehab

    Hahahaha I could understand right away but I felt like there was a second delay between when I heard and when I understood it. I worked the next day and could understand my clients and coworkers as long as I could see their face. So I was doing some lip reading but it wasn't a struggle. After...