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  1. beaglegalz

    What are you thankful for?

    I thankful for my family , home , health.
  2. beaglegalz

    Christmas Cards 2008

    I am Beaglegalz Hi I am beaglegalz. I hope to get to know you guys in AD. I am from Ohio. I am deaf. I am married and have one son. My husband is deaf too. My son is hearing. We have beagle and she is 5 years old. That ia all about me!!!
  3. beaglegalz

    Name Sign for Obama?

    I think sign as president to "O" with one hand or sign as "africa" to O.
  4. beaglegalz

    Who got snow?

    I got snow here in Ohio. Cuz I live northeast.
  5. beaglegalz

    I take overdose chlororomazine 100mg

    call 911 or go to emergency room now!
  6. beaglegalz

    Sad news to share.

    I am very sorry to hear about your Aunt passed away.
  7. beaglegalz

    deaf chat site opens!

    I checked it out but it not open yet??? I dont get it ???
  8. beaglegalz

    How many people in USA have same your name?

    Frist name-7,634 Last name-33,588 Maiden name-24,427
  9. beaglegalz

    Drinking Urine is Good for Your Health!

    One of my friend told me about the party one of the guy were drinking urine from the beer can and someone gave the guy and he drank it and said it was good then later they told him it was from pee and he got mad and left the party.
  10. beaglegalz

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome to alldeaf!!!!!