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  1. Sweetpolly

    dvd player that will show closed captioning

    Hello all, I need an update on the new technology for DVD Players. I want to buy a DVD player that plays a DVD that has CC. Some of my DVDs only have CC and my Sony Blu Ray DVD player is not showing any CC on the dvds! UGhhhh! Any suggestions what to buy?
  2. Sweetpolly

    Galaxy 4 notifications

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Thank you soooo much!!!:ty: What is the loudest ringtone do you use. Does it work real good? Do you also set it for vibrate as well? :lol:
  3. Sweetpolly

    Galaxy 4 notifications

    Well, I set it on top of my desk, on the side of my lap when driving or it's in my purse. I wish the vibrate would be loud enough for me and a loud notification. Is there an app for a loud text notification?
  4. Sweetpolly

    Galaxy 4 notifications

    I just got a Galaxy 4 and I love it. However, whenever I receive a text, it doesn't alert me. I miss a lot of texts sent from people and I see it a long time after they've texted me. I don't use voice at all, so on the settings Im not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm very HOH and I hear it ting...
  5. Sweetpolly

    Esteem - Hearing Implant?

    :hmm: Honestly, I never cared if the hearing aides are shown or not and I didn't write that I did care. I just said in my description that it is implanted. If my hearing aides worked well with my sensorineural hearing loss, I would proudly wear them all the time, no problem. There's only...
  6. Sweetpolly

    Esteem - Hearing Implant?

    It's been a while since I posted on here. I wanted update on the Esteem testing I went through. I went to the VA to see if I qualify. My hearing range was low enough, however my speech recognition is 0 (o out of 10). So, I faxed Esteem my hearing results thinking that I maybe will qualify...
  7. Sweetpolly

    ASL Riverside Meetup

    Riverside ASL Social :wave: Anyone can email me at if they want more information about his social. I work at CODIE (Center on Deafness Inland Empire) and I gather volunteers for our Deaf events from the attendees at this social.
  8. Sweetpolly

    Esteem - Hearing Implant?

    Yes, I understand about the surgery fear - Im a little scared thinking of the surgery - but I have tried so many hearing aides over the years and they wont work for me - last year the VA hadn't approved it and they are going to I'm consulting now with them. I was hoping someone else...
  9. Sweetpolly

    ASL Riverside Meetup

    Riverside ASL Social has changed to the 2nd Saturdays at Tyler Mall This has changed to the 2nd Saturday of the month - same place and time is 7pm - 9pm.
  10. Sweetpolly

    Late Deaf Group In Riverside, Calif.

    Hi, :wave: I'm the HOH Specialist/Advocate for Center On Deafness Inland Empire (CODIE) in Riverside, CA. I lead a Late Deaf Group open to all those who are needing support for their hearing loss (Late Deafened, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf). We've had a couple meetings and the people that have...
  11. Sweetpolly

    Esteem - Hearing Implant?

    HI, as for the Esteem, I am looking into seeing if I qualify. Also, is not because people want to hide their hearing aide surgical procedure. It is because the whole implant is implanted inside you and it is for people with sensorineural hearing loss. Regular hearing aides do not work on me -...
  12. Sweetpolly

    What's Wrong with Being Deaf? (UTube)

    I know and met him!!! He is cool and funny in person as well!
  13. Sweetpolly

    5 Hour Energy Drink

    I tried that shot before on a long drive and it didn't work for me. I love drinking Sugar Free RockStar!! That works good for me..helps me stay alert for 3 or 4 hours when needed.
  14. Sweetpolly

    CART, Captioners and Court Reporters

    Well, its been a while since I started this thread and my son is now going to Court Reporting college in Moreno Valley. He likes it a lot. Although, he would like to get a job as a captioner for a company, since he has good typing skills etc., he can't find any companies (Sprint, captioning for...
  15. Sweetpolly

    ASL Riverside Meetup

    The first Friday of the month......ASL Riverside Meetup will meet at TYLER MALL :eek3: Our ASL group is getting together on Friday April 3rd; we will be meeting at 6pm till about 9pm at the Tyler Mall Food Court. I will be there around 5:15pm to start saving tables-if anyone can come and...
  16. Sweetpolly

    Return of the banned people! Part II.

    Question ... Shouldn't Jiro be banned for trying to sell sunglasses? :hmm: Or is that a joke? Are they really that good of sunglasses? Now you have me curious?? :roll:
  17. Sweetpolly

    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Hi, just so you will can google.... HLAA - Hearing Loss Association of America and they have local chapters in every state where other Hard of Hearing people meet and are very supportive with advice , tips etc. Their website is full of useful informaiton for HOH people as well...
  18. Sweetpolly

    Want to tutor/teach ASL online for Free

    Hi,,,can you private message me..its been a while since I have been on here and soem of my cbaitlies are not working. I'm interested in learning ASL online with you... Thanks!
  19. Sweetpolly

    The Block in South California

    Any ADer in the area should come out and meet us! It will be fun!! The more the merrier!!!:fruit:
  20. Sweetpolly

    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Hi....If there is anyone that has late onset deafness are in the Inland Empire in So. California. I can help with some life changing peer counseling and support tips. I'm a Hard of Hearing Advocate at CODIE (Center On Deafness Inland Empire in Riverside, CA) and I also have a support group...