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  1. Bradual Hoss

    Oticon More 1 (rechargeable)

    Ive had, I think 4 sets of Oticon aids over the years, and three sets of molds. Ear molds, like hearing aids take some getting used to, and not all are well fit, unfortunately. They really are necessary to help keep feedback at bay when your hearing loss gets much past mild. I think with the...
  2. Bradual Hoss

    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    Yes, I'm bringing a regular phone battery bank, that's good for a few nights, but weight is super important in hiking and I don't even let my tee shirts be heavy or many... the battery is one of the heaviest things I'm carrying even though it's not very heavy. everything ads up,
  3. Bradual Hoss

    Jabra = junk?

    I've always had Oticons over the last 25 years or so, and currently on Jabra from the big box store. Bleah. can't seem to get a satisfactory adjustment and other issues, lots of them.... Profound loss right ear, moderate to severe left so I need good aids. I have a lot I could opine about the...
  4. Bradual Hoss

    Hello from the hills of western Mass.

    Hi all. I'm 64, and have been HH since my 30's, my mom and my 4 sibs all have various degrees of HL. Profound loss right side (at least in those helpful mid uppers) and moderate to severe (uppers getting bad) in left, so I've been dependent on aids for a couple of decades now. Anyway I'm here...
  5. Bradual Hoss

    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    Im about to go on a multi day hike. Wow am I regretting rechargeable aids! worst idea evah.