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  1. Cloggy

    Asked to change swimming lesson classes.

    Well handled. For Lotte we had her sister or brother with her in the water. That worked well, and the instructors had an extra helping hand. Yesterday Lotte got her third diploma. One every year on vacation in Holland. Have a look at her blog.. Don't tie up. Have...
  2. Cloggy

    Implants changing life for Modesto girl born deaf

    I thought children with Ci were also HOH... ???
  3. Cloggy

    Cochlear Yes or Cochlear No?

    Hearing with two ears will make understanding in noisy environment much easier. Possibly you would hear where sound is coming from, but I think the improvement in noisy environment is the main improvement.
  4. Cloggy

    Implants changing life for Modesto girl born deaf

    Well said... .. and welcome to this message board... Wonderful to hear you are giving your daughter access to both worlds... Don't judge the Deaf community buy some of the reactions in this thread. As you probably have experienced in real life, it's the closed-minded ones that shout the...
  5. Cloggy controversy

    They are ALL just like that... Meanwhile.. in this universe......
  6. Cloggy

    Statistics Study::Cochlear Implant Users, Please Read

    Having people answer here is statistically worthless. Nice to know but unusable in a scientific way. Why don't you set up a questionnaire..? You can do this as a new thread.. Making your questions and choices of answers..
  7. Cloggy

    New mama with lots of questions!

    Welcome to AllDeaf.. Sounds as if hearing aids will be of great benefit to your son. All your talking to your son will be of great help, even if theres a lot he might not hear. He probably understands some already, and it will improve dramatically once he can hear. Still, communication is the...
  8. Cloggy

    New mama with lots of questions!

    She siad his hearing loss is moderate to severe. Sounds HOH to me
  9. Cloggy

    Almost 5 years later

    On our last check with Lotte in the "hospital" they informed us that although the N5 is smaller (and probably more comfortable) than the Freedom, technically they are they same.. We therefore decided to wait with requesting an upgrade until Cochlear comes with a newer model... technically...
  10. Cloggy

    Mom of a Teen who needs some answers...

    Interesting first and last sentence.. What happened in between?
  11. Cloggy

    Hearing mom of 2 deaf kids

    Welcome..Learning a language is one thing, being role model for your children is something else. Only when you yourself emerge in sign language you might be able to keep up with your kids, or even be a role model... But the most important thing is that you have your communication with your...
  12. Cloggy

    Cochlear Implants?

    If this information is for a paper I would be interested if the people answering are deaf or not. Not all people in the Def community are deaf.. Myself, I am the father of a child with CI, not part of deaf culture, so I can't help you..
  13. Cloggy

    CouchSurfing through a Silent World: Meeting the International Deaf Community

    Excellent video. "Liked" it on YouTube webside.. You sound disappointed that instead of listening to your advise, she still went on that trip. What was she thinking off.???
  14. Cloggy

    Is it really so bad to know SEE (Sign Exact English?)

    I have always been impressed with Cued Speech... Easy to learn for people that have no knowledge of sign and a way to cue any sound. Wish it had been available in Norway or Holland. Here's a great video about Cued Speech..
  15. Cloggy

    Signed Songs

    "Tir n'a Noir" in Norwegian sign language w/lyrics
  16. Cloggy

    Is it really so bad to know SEE (Sign Exact English?)

    Yes.. guess it's with ASL like with other languages..
  17. Cloggy

    Is more speech therapy worth it?

    I have never heard parents of deaf children say that they expect perfect hearing or perfect speech from their child. I have very often heard members here accuse those parents of deaf children with CI that this is what they are after... making these parents having to explain again and again...
  18. Cloggy

    Is more speech therapy worth it?

    Just noticed that I had the wrong quote at the top... It's corrected now..
  19. Cloggy

    Audiogram of CI users

    Hint Have to look for the Audiograms... But here is Lottes test earlier this year in Noise (HINT) Here one can see on the left how Lotte scores close to perfect without noise. (from 69% 14 months before) and how (on the right) she improved from her 2010 results in noisy environment...
  20. Cloggy

    Is more speech therapy worth it?

    Taking a general remark personally... figures.. But she's right of course.. You are wrong. Like it or not. Laura said She didn't say there were no good jobs if you don't speak. Nor did she say that when you can speak and hear you always have a good job. How about this... Looking at all the...