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  1. Tetracyclone

    Handicapped Parking Permits & Deaf people

    I am deaf, in a wheelchair, and have COPD. Can I get 3 permits?:giggle:
  2. Tetracyclone

    New to being Deaf

    Just what I was looking for- a bored friend. You might b happier at a library, when they open.
  3. Tetracyclone

    If you had 1 Million Dollars...

    One million does not go far. If one manages to earn 4% on a million in the coming decade of 0 or very low interest rates you would be doing well. That is only $40,000 per year, which does not buy you a fancy lifestyle. If you live frugally it is adequate. So if I had 1 mil I'd be wishing...
  4. Tetracyclone

    What kind of trade jobs can deaf and hard of hearing have?

    As long as you do good work someone will be glad to have you in their company. It may take some looking about, but you will do well! A smart boss will understand that he or she can run interference any time you have difficulty communicating with a customer. You will be making money for them...
  5. Tetracyclone

    Wisdom of the Forum needed

    This misunderstanding needs to be placed before the OT's supervisor so that all can learn from the experience. Put your anger aside because it will only make communication more difficult. Everyone in that department needs to understand deaf communication, and in your place I would suggest to...
  6. Tetracyclone

    What is Deaf Culture or it is just a myth?

    And deaf spelling can be quite inventive.
  7. Tetracyclone

    Deaf and Disabled in Politics

    One venue for deaf or HOH people interested in politics is to study public policy then look for work in a Congressional office. You can write policy papers and do research for Representatives or Senators, advise- anything that requires clear thinking and good writing skills. When you have some...
  8. Tetracyclone

    Peacemom saying hi.

    I cannot help with your question but no doubt the library will have something to get you started. There are also many teaching ASL videos on youtube.
  9. Tetracyclone

    Hearing people who are attracted to deaf people

    It seems worth stating the obvious- for some it would be a fetish (Do you devote 20% of your time to these fantasies?), for some a preference, and for some irrelevant. Unfortunately, the majority of people dating have fetish against disabled people.
  10. Tetracyclone

    Hearing people who are attracted to deaf people

    I use a wheelchair and am aware there are guys who are attracted only to women in wheelchairs. The like the fact the woman cannot control her legs. I find that creepy beyond measure. There is even a dating site for people who want to date disabled folks. As far as someone wanting to be with...
  11. Tetracyclone

    I am a hearing person, and I want to know more about the deaf community. Would this bother you?

    Not that many are offended. Read around this site and you will learn enough to avoid the truly silly questions.
  12. Tetracyclone

    New here!

    Keep reading around old threads and you will likely find some helpful things. Meanwhile a big welcome to you and most of us are in the same boat of feeling left out. I am repetitive and unafraid about asking people to speak slowly and clearly, but 80% cannot do so. 10% try hard with constant...
  13. Tetracyclone

    HoH new here

    Some of your old friends and family will be willing to learn to write things down or use their smartphone for speech to text. Most will not, but You don't have to be one or another. We belong everywhere!
  14. Tetracyclone

    I am looking for a serious relationship that anyone from Chinese women welcome here

    Difficult to excuse. That is gross and inappropriate. Try thinking before you post.
  15. Tetracyclone

    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    Beowulf- what on earth does that mean?
  16. Tetracyclone

    I am looking for a serious relationship that anyone from Chinese women welcome here

    That is pretty low. Lowest maintenance and most submissive will be a sex worker with a contract for submissive. He could get a dominator, too, if desired.
  17. Tetracyclone

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I often feel frustrated, sad, or isolated, but not embarrassed. One good friend decided it was too hard for her to continue our friendship due to her "issues" about not being heard in life. Well I have 'issues' with anyone who cannot visit a speech therapist a few times to learn to speak slowly...
  18. Tetracyclone

    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    I tire of people fighting over who is at fault. Often many people. I assume the contractor is now responsible for putting a new roof on the woman's house, which will cost plenty, and I pray the lady had health insurance.
  19. Tetracyclone

    Is it possible to reverse hiatal hernia?

    Lysander, is is possible that strengthening those muscles might help slow down the problem? Not knowing which muscles are involved, nor whether they are subject to voluntary contraction, I cannot offer intelligent thoughts, though it seems so obvious people would have tried it well before now.
  20. Tetracyclone

    Why do some people do not make replies to your posts?

    Trainman, you post so many threads I ignore them all. just too much.