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  1. HelloNurse

    what qualifies as "proficient" in a ASL (or any language really)

    i am a nurses aid/nursing student. i wipe people's shitty asses everyday, i ask them personal questions, i hold cups for them to pee into, i put my finger inside their butt to give them medicine... i am not easily embarrassed in uncomfortable situations such as that.... i was just saying i...
  2. HelloNurse

    what qualifies as "proficient" in a ASL (or any language really)

    I want to go to this workshop about medical interpreting.. not because i am anywhere near becoming an interpreter, but because i would like to be one in the far distant future and i think it would be interesting to learn more and observe... however on the registration form is says...
  3. HelloNurse

    People in the Philly area..

    Does anyone know about an ASL poetry night in philly.. someone had mentioned it to me a while back, but i dont know when or where it is.. i think i was told they have them monthly.. if anyone knows anything send me some info! thanks!
  4. HelloNurse

    How many of you....

    i own my home. im lucky that my great grandmother left me money when she passed away and i had enough to purchase my home in cash. i figured i would invest now while the markets down, and sell when it goes back up and get a nicer one later. but i do hate that when something goes wrong i am...
  5. HelloNurse

    Hearing women dating deaf/HoH men

    im not so sure this is the reason, but im not really sure what is. i have noticed almost all of my deaf guy friends are single and ive always wondered why. they are attractive, intelligent, funny, etc and yet ive never seen them with gfs. but i just cant imagine the majority of women being...
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    Speech and Hearing aids

    ha i introduced my bf to this lady i used to work with and she was like "is he from another country?" and i was like "what are you talking about?" and she was like "his accent, he sounds foreign." haha then i sarcastically told her he was from thailand and she believed me... later she saw us...
  7. HelloNurse

    The Power of Sign Language

    YouTube - Flobots - Handlebars (ASL) this is my favorite song signer.. i think hes pretty awesome.. even my deaf bf was like "what? hes hearing?" but back to that stupid "fuck you" video... at least 5 of my friends sent that to me on FB thinking i would think it was so awesome. i was like...
  8. HelloNurse

    argument with my ignorant nursing instructor!

    just because someone doesnt feel comfortable communicating on a pad and paper, doesnt mean they arent up front about being deaf. they arent trying to pull the wool over anyones eyes by requesting an interpreter. :roll:
  9. HelloNurse

    Pics of you - Part V

    i want one!!! :( i would end up killing myself. ha cool bike though.
  10. HelloNurse

    Pics of you - Part V

    no they dont have anything online.. there is actually a bit of drama surrounding deaf night in reading area right now.. my ASL teacher is usually the one who sets it up and picks where it is, but recently everyone has been disagreeing with her choices so weve been picking our own.. which makes...
  11. HelloNurse

    Deaf Cops?

    i dont think he wants to sit on a tty and clean up all day. he got all excited watching americas most wanted and was like i want to be a cop like that! haha i dont see where the problem would be, because most cops have a partner, so stick him with a hearing partner.. he can talk and read...
  12. HelloNurse

    Deaf Cops?

    i feel bad.. he wanted to join the marines and they wouldnt let him, and now he wants to be a cop and it seems they wont let him do that either. its bullshit if you ask me.
  13. HelloNurse

    Deaf Cops?

    what assholes. Pennsylvania is a fail. haha. hmm how about nj? i will research and report back.
  14. HelloNurse

    Deaf Cops?

    I know there were a few threads about this before but they were a few years old so i thought i would start a new one.. so i know it can be done, ive seen that there are a few deaf police officers. does anyone know if they allow deaf people to become cops in Pennsylvania in particular? i...
  15. HelloNurse

    No strings attached

    i wish i could do that. i wanted to do that, but i fall for people too quickly and then change my mind. :dunno:
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    Pics of you - Part V

  17. HelloNurse

    Signing video (Beginner!)

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    Pics of you - Part V

    wow small world! haha
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    Pics of you - Part V

    :deaf:? i wonder if i know them? hmm... but yes we do have a DPHH in the reading area! lol.. next month it will be in Hamburg (youve probably never heard of it) haha. like 35-40 minutes from harrisburg. actually while im here: some of the crew :) me with some more of the crew...
  20. HelloNurse

    my picture

    that cat is so cute and fluffy!!!