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  1. suicidegirl

    My son gets sick almost every 2 wks

    WTF??? where in her post did iceriver say that she fed him junk food? for all you know, it could be the father who's feeding the son crappy food!! don't make assumptions, especially when they're hurtful! iceriver- for some reason, mold came to mind. I'd suggest taking your son to the doctor...
  2. suicidegirl

    Bedtime Battle

    you seem to keep forgetting that we're talking about a THREE YEAR OLD kid here.
  3. suicidegirl

    My Kids Wanna Toy For Our Cats!

    that made me laugh- thanks!
  4. suicidegirl

    Scratching Sofa

    i'm not attacking you at all, but i personally think that declawing is cruel. it's like cutting off your own fingers.
  5. suicidegirl

    Tattoo Part:2

    and if you look closely- you can see a barbell in my ear. that's called a conch piercing. basically, it looks like this- but i only have one barbell, instead of two. it hurt like a mofo.
  6. suicidegirl

    Tattoo Part:2

    i actually have eighteen tattoos... i don't have pictures of them all, but here's one- i got the purple star when i was in philadelphia. the rest of the stars were done in london. i plan on adding black outlines sometime in the future. there's no rush, really. my other tattoos inculde...
  7. suicidegirl

    ~Our Precious Little Son Arrived~

    i know this is late, but better late than never, right? your son is SOOOO adorable. normally, newborns are weird-looking in a squishy way, but your son isn't squishy-looking at all. i AWWWed at those pictures :)
  8. suicidegirl

    Dear Redneck Son

    yes, this is an amusing email, but i can't help but feel like it's offensive at the same time. it reinforces stereotypes and that's never good.
  9. suicidegirl


    i'm so sorry to hear that- i will be keeping her and your family in my thoughts.
  10. suicidegirl

    Tobin Chosen National Miss Deaf America

    i'm rather disappointed that she won- i personally was rooting for miss deaf dc
  11. suicidegirl

    Fake or Real from Katie homles' pregnant of daughter Suri

    i'd like to chip in something- there IS speculation that tom/katie faked the whole suri thing. rumor has it is that tom's gay so he's using katie as a beard. i've seen pictures of katie pregnant, and it did look weird (i wish i had the link but i dont). also, the birth certificate is kinda...
  12. suicidegirl

    Make sure to .....

    yes, it's VERY important to stay hydrated, especially when it's so hot outside... BUT be careful, it IS possible to drink too much water
  13. suicidegirl


    i have so MUCH makeup but i rarely wear it... i'm particularly attracted to eyeshadow... oolalala! but anyway, back to your question, i don't use specific brands... i use whatever looks good (and is cheap ;) )
  14. suicidegirl

    deaf technology ruined pizza

    i found this while browsing youtube and it cracked me up- btw, he's not signing vagina, he's signing pizza ;)
  15. suicidegirl

    does anyone have a blog?

    that's not weird at all. the majority of my livejournal readers are strangers. strange how you can feel close to a stranger, hmm?
  16. suicidegirl

    ovarian cysts?!?

    thank you SO VERY much for the link. i should've googled for information, but i'm feeling rather lazy ;)
  17. suicidegirl

    types of computers

    thanks for explaining :)
  18. suicidegirl

    Bedtime Battle

    honey, no need to get defensive. :ugh2: i have NEVER heard of putting a THREE year old child medication just so he'll sleep. three is too young period. would you want to risk addiction? i think not. edited to add- and studies have shown that certain medications such as bendaryl have an...
  19. suicidegirl

    ASL beads is that what you're looking for?
  20. suicidegirl

    Please Pray For My Friend's son

    i am so sorry to hear that tyler has passed away. i hope his family and loved ones are able to grieve properly :(