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  1. lkayne

    I like the old scarey movies.

    Glad you mentioned that. I liked that show.
  2. lkayne

    I like the old scarey movies.

    Yes it look like you enjoy yourself. I am glad they have the resources for people with Parkinson's Disease. Very interesting. I don't have the strength either but I wish I did. I will start some kind of exercising. I have to join some place to get motivated.
  3. lkayne

    I like the old scarey movies.

    That was the favorite with Lon Chaney of those scary movies after Frankenstein that caught my attention and scared me when I was a little girl.
  4. lkayne

    I like the old scarey movies.

    Thanks a lot. They are a handsome pair. I always though Lon Chaney Jr. was handsome. By your picture are you into boxing are self defense. Something I could use because of how the crazy people are today. I actually needed it before when I did not hear someone coming from the back of me. I...
  5. lkayne

    I like the old scarey movies. [Part 1/2] Lon Chaney: The Man Behind a Thousand Faces I like both the Lon Chaney Sr. and Lon Chaney Jr. they look just alike. I was not familiar with the features of Lon Chaney Sr. I was a little girl then so the scary part I may pull...
  6. lkayne

    I like the old scarey movies.

    Born to deaf parents in Colorado in 1883, actor Lon Chaney Sr. was a master of pantomime on the big screen during the silent-film era. He played numerous supporting roles until The Miracle Man (1919) made him a star. Known as the "Man of a Thousand Faces," Chaney was famous for his ability to...
  7. lkayne

    Which tv to buy.

    I just bought a Vizio Smart TV D series. It is nice and clear sound. I still do have to have the close captions on. I have not had it long enough to say all of the feature are great but so far it is real nice. No their models are not the top ranked ones. It is a on and off button on back of the...
  8. lkayne

    Help me for Comptia A+

    Me too. Did you ever take test again? I am still here or check often. I see this was 2011. Now it is 220-901 and 220-902.
  9. lkayne

    Job and Calling on TTY

    Still true in 2016! also I have said I am using a tty or I am deaf. No chance to stay on the phone. I was transferred immediately so I have to call back. Best not to say I am deaf or using a special phone until you get to your designated person and hope they understand and let you call back if...
  10. lkayne

    I feel like my c.i. is making me talk like robotic

    Laugh...I hope you don't mind my laughing..... Before I continue laughing.... I would like to know how long you have had your cochlear. I thought life was messed up as for as me being able to communicate with anyone and having regular hearing aids that beep unexpectedly. I am used to mine now...
  11. lkayne

    Does anyone know landlord and tenant lawyer.

    If the wanted lawyer because my speech is real good but my pronunciation bad. Slow wit the sign language too. I dress nice. I will take a witness with me. No one like to go court with anyone .
  12. lkayne

    Does anyone know landlord and tenant lawyer.

    I want someone to refer me tenant lawyer? My landlord is holding my deposit because of things like a old tree with limbs falling off, water faucets, and appliances as well as a coffee stained counter top. All those were damaged when I moved in and I asked the previous landlord to fix them 3...
  13. lkayne

    Alarm clock

    I need one too. IN KCMO
  14. lkayne

    Deaf Apartment?

    Senior citizens home and handicapped home are overridden with drug addicts, rough necks hanging in the halls. No you can't get a all deaf community. Seem like it would be ok for some kind of discrimination or limits for some to live peacefully in their own community. Elevators may or not work...
  15. lkayne

    How do deaf make phone calls in the US?

    Sprint relay I just tried Sprint Relay. I don't know if it works or not. I have to wait 7 days for them to verify me. My information was already there. I thought they had stopped the Deaf Relay Service. If they have stopped I am Not able to make a call. computer is working, seems email has...
  16. lkayne

    Entry Level Graphic Design Position? I hope to meet some different people at this and maybe some employers. Maybe friends. Build a better portfolio, good attitude and friens. I don't have a lot so associating can help.
  17. lkayne

    I was deaf all along.

    I don't think I had a hearing aid until I was 25 years old. Still I don't think I admitted that I was deaf until a few years later. Now I say I am deaf. I wear a CI. Growing up in the right place, you get teased for anything and the day goes on. At the end of the day. You know something...
  18. lkayne

    Telecoil mode with Blackberry Curve

    I have the 8330 Blackberry curve. I cannot hear on it outside or wind blowing. I had previously used flip phones and they were easy for me to hear with my CI. I can't do nothing nor can I find Hearing aid option on the BB options. The Reachout wireless service said they tested my phone and it...
  19. lkayne

    Who got one of those stovetop coffee brewer?

    How is it going. It snowing here just a bit. I wish I would have thought about a dog runner. I asked about a dog and my landlord turned nose up. I did not say anything. It is legal for me to have a dog. I want to see how it comes out with your back yard.
  20. lkayne

    Who got one of those stovetop coffee brewer?

    LOL! That's true. It better put my make up on without me lifting a hand. and pay a down payment for my car or get it fixed!