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  1. AliciaMarie2012

    hearing lesbian needs asl practice!

    long story short, i'm an asl student and i need practice, or just friends. or a gf? well either way i'm completely into asl, with hearing or deaf, but i def need practice. message or comment below :)
  2. AliciaMarie2012

    hi im wanting to meet new people

    racergirl, i'm hearing too and I also need practice...aka my final is tomorrow. skype ?
  3. AliciaMarie2012

    Learning ASl:Need someone to pratice with

    im a student too. add me on fb if you wanna. im super new tho, like literally only 4 classes, but i love it and im trying. fb --> alicia cangialosi
  4. AliciaMarie2012

    Am I the only hearing teen around here?

    21and hearing. i go to usf
  5. AliciaMarie2012

    Tattoo Thread

    tats my tattoos :)
  6. AliciaMarie2012

    asl student--> talk to me :)

    i just wanna talk, idc where anybody is. i like to learn about other cultures
  7. AliciaMarie2012

    asl student--> talk to me :)

    lmfao at school yea. lol i needed a pic to put on here
  8. AliciaMarie2012

    asl student--> talk to me :)

    hello all! :) im an asl student at usf and i was looking to make a few friends on here, just trying to learn more about the deaf and hoh culture. im open to talk about anything if you have any questions for me :) everyones welcome
  9. AliciaMarie2012

    hearing girl learning british sign level two n wanting new friends!!

    Hey I'm alicia :) I'm hearing too. I'm glad to kno I'm not the only hearing person on here lol
  10. AliciaMarie2012

    Stick with your own kind? or Mix it up!

    Newness? My name's Alicia, and I'm hearing. You all talk about marrying outside of nationality and race and your preferences, Would anybody be interested in marrying or dating a hearing individual? Im trying to learn more about deaf culture and I just thought that'd be an interesting...