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    Long time no chat!

    Hello everyone, Wilgecko here, haven't been here in years! I'm profoundly deaf, with hearing aid in right ear, I'm know as Pidgeon, knowing both ASL and some SEE!
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    SWTOR anyone?

    Hello, I'm playing on Star Wars: The Old Republic game on PC, wondering if there's other deaf players currently, I'm currently looking for guild that have deaf players, so not to worry about hearings that's unfriendly with deafs
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    World of Warcraft Deaf, hoh, interpeters player recuiting

    looking for wow players Hello I'm the guild master of Silence Legends on Kael'thas server, lvl 1 small(just a few on same time, with 20ish toons) would love to have more players, mostly casuals, my guild is pretty laidback, I like everyone to have good times, come and check it out! any...
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    WoW Deaf Guild

    I'm looking for guild that caters to deaf and hearing impaired mixed with hearings, willing to transfer, got few lvl 80s including my fav class a restoration druid, anyone have suggestion?
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    Anyone here who are diabetic ?

    dont know if it count, I found out this week that I am either pre diabetes type 1 or cholestrol, or both, cuz I have pretty high triglycerides from bloodwork done this week, I weigh only 140 lbs., and only need to lose few more pounds, my family dont have that problem, I guess I am one of the...
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    Do my avatar signature "Mr Bean" bother you?

    eh it dont bother me, you do what you want to put up as avatars or sigs, it's your styles, and personalities :h5:
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    Do you live in California?

    I'm in central california :)
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    pics of you

    my pix is in the avator, it's freshly uploaded recently, check it out!:cool2:
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    upload pix in profile?

    finally!! got it working, and thanks!!! :dance2:
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    Will~come here!

    I know this post is old but thanks again for the birthday greeting guys and gals! I just haven't been posting in a long time until now, been really bored cuz cutting back on my playing video games, i realized there's more to it than just play video games, there's lot of other stuff that would...
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    Who is single here?

    <<<single here for while now :wiggle:
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    upload pix in profile?

    hmm it's the profile pix I was trying to upload, it look like it did but still doesn't show
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    upload pix in profile?

    that explain why it says "upload failed" hopefully it's fixed soon:fingersx:
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    in alldeaf photo resizing editor?

    just a thought, maybe make link to an editor to make the photos to fit right(pixel size or kb size) for in profile, so that it will work in alldeaf
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    upload pix in profile?

    it doesn't seem to work, when I resized it to 150 x 150 like you said but it only resized the pix on the upper left hand corner, my pix is currently 1500 by 1500 approximately, what can I do?
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    upload pix in profile?

    how do I make it to the required size to make it fit, 150 x 150 pixels, or 97 kb, so what can I do to make it work, is there some program to do it?:dunno2::dunno2::dunno2:
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    I love it when....

    very funny!!
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    Who is single here?

    I have been single for few years now and looking....:ugh3:
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    What's your favorite sushi?

    tako(octopus) isn't really that popular in rolls, but I like what is called tako kimchee, it's very good, they put cucumber and tako mixed with some kind of spicy sauce, made like a salad, it's delicious, ask for it even though it may not be on menu, I suggest it highly!
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    Will~come here!

    birthday thanks!! aww that's sweet of my good friend to say happy birthday, I am actually surprised that someone would remember, anyway thanks again!!! :ty: :ty: :ty: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: