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    Looking for deaf who is expert with after effects

    I am freelancer , and I am looking for someone who can work with me. If you are expert with after effects, please send me message!
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    3 way call with 2 deaf people and 1 hearing person

    How can I do 3 way call with 2 deaf people and 1 hearing person through VP? Please let me know if VP doesn't work, is there another way?
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    I will provide FREE Food with FREE taekwondo(martial arts) lesson!!

    Hi, OIC, I sent you email in your account in Can you check? Hope to see you and your friends soon!!!! I can't wait!
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    I will provide FREE Food with FREE taekwondo(martial arts) lesson!!

    Hi, I have good news. We will held biggest OPEN HOUSE for Korean TOP martial arts, tae kwon do. I will interpret there!! The most exciting event!!!! You can watch my ASL video for more information Master K Kim's tae kwon do OPEN HOUSE 5/14, ASL video Admission is totally FREE...
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    Anyone tried Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial arts)?

    Hi, My 2 children will get black belt next week finally! It was a loong way to reach the goal. So I am so exciting about this! Probably it will take one more year for me to get black belt. One of my master of tae kwon do moved to Ohio from NC and he opened his own new Tae Kwon Do school. We...
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    Greetings from Ohio!

    BIG Hi!!!! Hi, StSapphire, Welcome to all deaf forum! Let me introduce about myself. I was born in Kyoto, Japan as deaf. After graduating from high school, I came to USA for college. Japanese sign language and ASL are completely different, so I was very confused at first, but with...
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    Pics of you - Part V

    Yes!!! I have been teaching Japanese Sign Language on youtube. Have you seen it before?? I created about 11 JSL video since January. And now over 300 people became member of Japanese Sign Language facebook. I am really appreciate their willing to learn new language like Japanese Sign Language...
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    What's your dinner tonight?

    Japanese traditional SUSHI I cooked sushi. Not American sushi. It is Japanese traditional sushi!!!! I have been doing sushi catering business, so I can make professional sushi :) And I have experiences with sushi business in wholefood market. Now I enjoy teaching the different Japanese...
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    Anyone tried Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial arts)?

    I have been learning Tae Kwon Do for 2 years. Now I have black stripe red belt. Is there anyone who tried Tae Kwon Do or got blackbelt??
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    Pics of you - Part V

    Japanese deaf Hi, This is me. I am Japanese deaf. I teach sushi and will setup sushi class in Cincinnati, Ohio soon! :deaf: RSVP for sushi at RSVP for SUSHI Event (including Kimono tryout, Origami course, etc...) Here is video for teaching how to make sushi easily...
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    Sushi class Event by Japanese deaf chef in Ohio

    Hi, I am Japanese deaf. I met i deaf news owner who is Seth from Texas. He told me he is lover of sushi. I told him that I have been doing sushi catering business for deaf community. And he was excited and promised to interview with me and take a video of sushi class for broadcast. So I am...
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    Japan quake again.

    Hi, I am Japanese deaf and created the donation video to support Japan YouTube - Japanese earthquake and Tsunami/ Donation information
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    Cincinnati Deaf Club, Inc's

    I want information about cincinnati deaf event. let me know!!!!! I really want to attend......
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    Do you want to feel better live longer?

    Hi. I setup booth at deaf expo in NC and GA. I showed the Laser Technology that can measure health level by placing palm of hand to deaf community for the first time!!! We scanned over 100 deafies!! Do you want to know your health level to know how long you wil live in the future?? I have...
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    can't get sidekick!!!!!emergency help

    no reply fr friend I sent her e-mail, but I don;t get reply from her maybe she is busy. Please explain about T mobile roaming program. North carolina is inside roaming.
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    can't get sidekick!!!!!emergency help

    I ordered sidekick 2 from, but they cancelled me because T mobile doesn't cover in NC where I live, but many deaf use sidekick2 in NC with cingular service. I ordered sidekick specially with cingular through phone, but they can't send me sidekick2 because T mobile doesn't cover...
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    wireless flasher for videophone

    deafwork Here is website about wireless flasher. Let me know this one is good one or not. I need review before buying it!!
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    wireless flasher for videophone

    thankyou for information THank you for information, but it seems to be weak light. I need strong flasher everyroom. Do you know good other one?
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    wireless flasher for videophone

    Hi. I want wireless flasher. There is videophone in kids room on Second floor. I need 4 or 5 flasher so that I can notice incoming call to videophone. But I don't know what I should buy. Do you know good wireless product for flasher?
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    do you know good doctor?

    Hi. I went to Dr office in virginia for fitting my digital hearing aids. My brother let me know about him, but I found that he was swindle. Because after going back to Japan, My excellent Dr(I used to go there since kid) told me that Dr need to fit digital hearing aid in front of computer while...