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    Byrdie Situation UPDATE!

    There are some forums here that arent viewable by the public - such as pictures.
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    Byrdie Situation UPDATE!

    Yes, Frisky, it is. Only those that are not in public view are those that are member-only areas.
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    Christmas Cards 2008

    Pepsi, Thank you very much for the pretty Xmas card we got - it was the first one we got, also!
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    Christmas Cards 2008

    Since I suffer from a severe case of S.A.D. (seasonal afffective disorder), which means I am more likely to be depressed from late fall to early spring, especially during bad weather - I fell behind in sending out the birthday cards. I always send out a LOT of birthday cards, and I'm making up...
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    All Deaf Caucus or gathering :D:D

    I know its been five months since the last post was pasted here, but my advice is ... WAIT. Right now, prices are still high - hotel rooms, food, gasoline, etc., etc. You might want to wait until next year, maybe next summer and see how the financial picture is shaping up - then give...
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    Christmas Cards 2008

    Xmas 2008 Sure! Just PM me - for those in the know, I still have the same address, so no need to change. If you've moved in the last year, please PM me. If you would like to be added to my Xmas list, please PM me. If you just wanna shout out, just PM me. LOL ~DD
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    Cold Case Deaf show

    Does anyone have a copy of the show? Apparently my VCR did not copy it all the way through. I am willing to pay for shipping, handling and cost of tape. PM me, please!
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    Just thought to share this...

    Congrats, GiglzAnnie!!!!!
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    (MOD'S NOTE: Merged two threads together, created by same user) Welcome to AllDeaf!
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    The 3 New Mods

    Congratulations to Jolie, SG and Chase as the new moderators!!!!!
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    Shark T-shirts

    I think its wonderful that you want to show support of NS at the AD Caucus, however, the AD Caucus is about ADer's getting together and having a good time, not just about one person. Many of us have been friends for a while, and this is a good opportunity to get together at this time - many of...
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    Alldeaf Caucus Tshirts Voting Poll

    I voted for a plain white t shirt with AllDeaf Caucus 2008 printed on it, cuz it would be cool to have peeps who go to the campout sign my shirt... but please not over the girls! Im gonna bring my trusty Sharpie marker! It would also be cost-effective, also.
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    Super Nanny has picked a deaf couple

    It's true - I do know Dorothy, and I know she is very excited about this opportunity. I will be looking for her segment this coming fall!!!
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    Would you rather....

    I would choose a cat, because they're easier to keep, they're beautiful and can be kept indoors 24/7. Figures - we have six cats and one boarder. If you could, which would you rather do - take pictures or make a movie?
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    Would you rather....

    MOD NOTE: From what I understand, the rules of the games is that you must choose one or the other, and EXPLAIN why you chose that option. Then you ask a question that gives a choice. From what I've seen, many have chosen, but not explained why they chose that. Please follow the rules of...
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    Happy Lostie Birthday LovelyBlkGal!!

    No, Angel gave me the PB pie and I smashed it into LBG's face...heh heh. Happy birthday, LostPanther!!!!
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    Happy Beepie Birthday Roadierunner!!!!

    *walks up to closet door* *sigh* *insert key in keyhole, turns key* *tumblers clicking* *steps back one step* *turns door knob* *opens door* *dives into foxhole* *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!* *peeks out of foxhole* *coughing in dust*...
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    Hey Yellow bird! Come in here!

    *meow* Me thinks its time for a yellow birdie submarine sandwich... mayo, anyone? Happy birthday, Tweetie!
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    Happy Birthday Liebling:-)))

    Happy birthday, my German darling!!!!