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    Name Sign for Obama?

    The sign name for Obama seems to be the "O" moving into a "B" as in flag. It's the sign I've seen most commonly used and recognized. It's supposed to reflect the symbol that was often used during his campaign.
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    16-year-old arrested in rape of 6-year-old LA School for Deaf student

    Oh wow!! How sad!!! :( I hope justice is truly served!
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    Titles: Mr. Mrs. and to sign?

    I too was taught this way. i was told to tap forehead and FS M-R for male and to tap cheek and FS M-I-S-S, M-R-S or M-I-S-S accordingly. I've done this so long that it has become second nature. However, when interpreting in a school setting, I show the kids my sign name. That's usually...
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    First Time on the Block

    Thanks guys for the welcome! ;)
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    First Time on the Block

    Thanks for the warm welcome! :) Thank you Passionate4ASL for the name compliment. ;)
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    First Time on the Block

    Hello everyone! :) Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sunshine and I'm from California. Well, that's kind of obvious from my screen name. :lol: I stumbled upon this site while looking up an addy for an RID test site and here I am. I lurked around for a little bit and decided...